Page 42 - A Legend Reconsidered "Granny Ross" by Elva E. Jackson
ISSUE : Issue 37
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1
Overlooking part of pioneer Ross brothers land. North East Margaree. Photos by C. W. Kenney. them. She used serum she brought from France in a small glass vial, and she re? newed her supply with serum from the sores of the ill. Just how she met James Ross who was to be her third husband is now lost to us. Ac? cording to his own statement to the 1818 census-taker, he arrived on the island of Cape Breton in 1783. In the Minutes of the Cape Breton Council at Sydney, March 6, 1787, we read: "Many persons having this day appeared at the Board and having sub? mitted with sufficient proofs their respec? tive claims to land as Loyalists and dis- J banded soldiers were given land as re? quested." Among these was James Ross of the 76th Regiment. It is said that, in looking for land on which to settle, he came up the Bras d'Or to Little Narrows where he met Indians. They took him to Lake Ainslie which they sailed down and into the South West Marga? ree River. There they left their canoes and crossed a mountain where the Indians pointed out the fertile valley of what is now Rossville on the North East Margaree. James Ross was impressed and he spent the winter there with the Indians who had an encampment. He staked out the land he wanted and later made application for it. In due course sur? veyors measured it out and he was given the grant. In the Public Archives at Hali? fax is a copy of the grant for four hun? dred acres to James Ross, dated 17th April, 1806. Eventually three of his brothers came, and the four received grants to about eighteen hundred acres. These brothers, William, Ed? mund, and David, were said to have lived for some years in Rawdon, N. S., before coming to Margaree. On the 1818 census they said they were natives of Ireland, but their parents had come from Scotland. A census of the adult male population was taken in many districts of Cape Breton in 1818. That of Margaree, or "Margarie" as it was then spelled, remains. Fifty-three men from 16 to 88 were recorded. James Ross with 35 years on the island at that time was second only to Francis White, 39, who lived here his 39 years. When William Ross petitioned for extra land in 1812, he stated that he "had re? sided in Cape Breton for upwards of twenty years," making his arrival here in approx? imately 1793. When Edmund petitioned for extra land in 1824, he said he had lived twenty-one years in the settlement of Mar? guerite, making his arrival here in 1803. This is further established by his report Mug Up 4' Deli Mayflower Mall Sydney, N.S. B1P5T9 539-8883 Specializing in Imported Coffee Beans, Teas, ?? and Other Specialty Items: Perogi, Flatyres, Lebanese Flat Bread, Etc. BRIAND'S CAB Cape Breton TOURS CABOT TRAIL 564-6161 564-6162 Fortress Louisbourg Graham Bell Museum Miners Museum Gaelic College see the beautiful Carson Denture Clinic Central Ave., Inverness 258-2511 Sydney Denture Clinic 201 Esplanade. Sydney 539-4311 Ronald F. Carson Licensed Denturist Rod Voutier Licensed Denturist Stirling Mall Denture Clinic Stirling Mall. Glace 3ay 849-2221 Cape Breton's First Custom Denture Specialists Dentures Fabricated - Rebased - Relined - Repaired See the professionals for all your denture needs. Member: All Dental Plans Accepted Nova Scotia Denturist Society, Canadian Denturist Assoc, International Federation for Dental Prosthesis (42)
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