Page 46 - A Legend Reconsidered "Granny Ross" by Elva E. Jackson
ISSUE : Issue 37
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1
only by their name, attesting to the lack of education at that time, especially a- mong those who had come from the Isle of St. Jean. Those who signed for themselves were: R. Mckinnon, John Phillips, William Ross, Hezekiah Ingraham, D. Mowatt, Jeames Ross, Irad Hart, and Charles Galland. The other surnames with the spelling of that day were: Bonow, Curmy, White, Sheshang, Bragen, Muse, Tarape, Duget, Cambridge, Le? Blanc, Degell and Ryan. In the meantime, the Indians, finding that the white settlers wished this piece of land had Francis Coogu, on behalf of him? self and two other families, petition the government at Sydney claiming they had oc? cupied the said land for the past twenty years. Coogu was asked to attend a Council meeting in Sydney to state the Indians' claim in person. The following decision was sent to the set? tlers at Margaree 10th May, 1810*. The spot herein petitioned for is a part of the lot reserved by order of his Honor Brigadier-Gener? al Nepean for the Indians, who have resided on and cultivated parts of it for nearly twenty years. Canada Export Award 1984 What do 15 Canadian companies, producing everything from space arms to spectacles and underwater vehicles, have in common? Export Excellence! They were chosen last year to receive this country's highest export distinction - the CANADA EXPORT AWARD. Each of the firms shared a common spark, an entrepreneurial flair that: 1) significantly increased export sales; 2) successfully broke into new export markets; 3) introduced new export products. Their success gave them another common bond • the right to proudly fly the CANADA EXPORT AWARD pennant. This year, the awards will be presented at a luncheon ceremony held in conjunction with the annual convention of the Canadian Export Association on October 16th. Will your company be in the winner's circle? For application forms, write to: Canada Export Award Program, Department of External Affairs, Lester B. Pearson Building, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa. K1A 0G2 or call: (613)994-4712. Deadline for entries is July 31,1984. ?? ' External Affairs ?? T Canada Affaires exterleures Canada Canada
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