Page 57 - Water Divining: Angus J. Gillis, Mabou Hbr.
ISSUE : Issue 37
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1
They don't use divining rods, and in court that comes up a lot of times. I mentioned before that I was taken in three different times for a witness. There's one woman up here--her husband is a detective in the police force here in Halifax, and he had a fashion of building a home every summer in his spare time and his vacation time. They built this place, and they built the well, and there was o- ver 9 or 10 points of iron oxide in the wa? ter. It was idle for 6 months and a young couple bought it, and when they turned on the tap there was rust all over every- thing--over the chinaware and the silver? ware. They should of pumped it first. Hell, I could've told them that. They went to court about it, and the build? ers got a lawsuit notice. Two nights be? fore the trial, two lawyers came to my place, "Will you appear as a witness?" I said, "Yes." The next day there were two more from the opposite side. So I got in there and I sat down and I was listening. I never felt so sorry for a woman in all my life. Sitting in the chair--the cross- questioning. .. . You'd think she was the worst thing the Mounties squadron had ever picked up in Montreal! Holy Smokes! In my time, they called me to the question box. Judge Green was the judge. First, I said I felt very sorry for this poor woman. She doesn't know anything about the rock. She never did the well or anything else. Every? body picking on her, and they don't know what they're talking about! I asked them, How many kinds of rock have we got in Nova Scotia? Well, the judge said, "I'm not a geologist and neither is any of these law? yers here." Well, we got 182 kinds of rock, and 90 of those kinds of rock carry iron oxide. I said. If it comes down to that, there's over 160 homes just as bad as she is, and they don't know it, sitting on the same formation. It runs from Birch Cove all the ways to New Ross. It's three miles wide down there. "Mark that down," he said, "mark that down." And they did! The point is this, people are building in the wrong place most of the time. They don't know anything about the underground water streams. There might be a garage 500 or 1000 feet away with oil pollution run? ning down into the water course, and you might punch into that, and you're going to have an oily slime in your tea and coffee for the rest of your life! (How do people find out about you?) Most of the time by word of mouth--if they're in trouble. But first of all they take a chance without calling anybody, and they put the hole, and if they're lucky enough to get good water, that's very good. But if they're in trouble, that's when they call me. Now there was a well over here, going into Halifax there at the overpass; it was 160 feet deep, and there was 40 feet of sea wa? ter in the bottom of the hole. Fresh water rides on top of salt water. So, they had their foot valve down in the sea water. Hie Credit Unicm EMffetence. Discover It For'Vburself. Today. 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