Page 59 - Water Divining: Angus J. Gillis, Mabou Hbr.
ISSUE : Issue 37
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1
(Does Kitty Margaret (Angus's wife) do di? vining?) No, no. They don't work for her. She's often tried. (Perhaps it is a sort of gift then....) I don't know. It could be. It's hard to say. If you just have pa? tience and walk around and get the lay of the land--the lay of the ground under you-- you can follow it easy as can be, and you can predict before you start where the wa? ter is going to be. Specially if you did some wells around there, you know exactly how far they'll have to go. Costly busi? ness, you know--drilling and getting those artesian wells. The best thing is to try and get the water to surface for the man that's moving into a new home. He's got e- nough to pay without paying for a 7- or 8- hundred-dollar pump. If you're smart and get in the water course, the water's going to come up so that you can use a shallow well pump. Save you some money. A shallow well pump is good for a 24- or 26-foot lift. But if the hole is, say, 300 feet, and the water is down 100 feet from the surface, you got to have a jet pump or a submersible pump. It means a heck of a lot now. (So no one can really explain why the di? vining rods work for some people and not for others?) It's kind of a hard thing to say. No, nobody ever figured that out, I don't think. There's some people that find water with a gold watch. Oh, yes. But that's magnetic--north and south. They go north-south--the watch is dangling on a chain, and when they're over the seam it swings back and forward. But when they get near water it swings around and around, and that's where you put the hole. I know one driller here that was 155 feet deep, and he had 150 feet of casing down, and no bedrock--just Alba red clay. Well, he was pipe broke and he was in a hell of a jam! A 22-foot length in the bottom broke and the well broke, so he figured why didn't he get Angus or somebody. There's an old man, name of Hawley, he uses a gold watch. He's dead now. Anyway, they got the old man, and up about 45 feet from where he was, the watch went around in a circle--going around and around. The driller, he pulled up, and he only went 32 feet and he got 10 gallons a minute. That's the truth. Yes, it was the gold watch. It seems to be something that's kept a hide on us, and it's up to us to find out. Why was this? Why is that? It shows you how little we know about the earth we're sitting on here or standing on here. We don't know anything. * Incredible food! Incredible view! This outstanding restaurant offers LiVE LOBSTER from their own pound. Or you ??-_ '_' may want to enjoy a steak or chowder on ??Sa'?rt the deck overlooking the Highlands and 'i j'-m ?"'y ' ' minute walk to historic St. Ann's 'bmfMMim EXIT 11 SOUTH HAVEN '' on the Cabot Trail St. Ann's Harbour, Cape Breton NovaScotia BOE IBO Phone (902)295-3100 Even the new moon.... You can tell which way is north and south on the new moon, if you're lost at sea and it's hazy overhead and you can't see the stars. It's at dawn, and you're in a boat and the big boat is sunk, and you're all alone and you're scared. Well, all right. You're out in the ocean, and when you look up and you see the moon fading at dawn--you can tell which is north and south. Also, you take a halo around the moon. How little we know! Divining rods is something like that, you see. Now, the moon: you see a circle around the moon--it may be a big circle or a small one. If there's bad weather coming in three days, it's always open. If it's open to the south, the ring doesn't close; it's just like a diamond ring on your finger. The ring is sort of open if it's a south? easter. All fishermen and all seamen take warning, and they head for the nearest har? bour. If it's a small circle around the moon, the storm is going to be within 24 hours, but if it's a big circle it's with? in the next 72 hours. Sun dogs in the morn? ing and a pink sky in the southeast in the morning also tell you of a storm coming. All this is somehow related to divining rods. It's as simple as that. God gave us these things, if we'd just take notice and learn. It's something like a magnetic com? pass, divining rods. You can even find north if you're lost. Take them out and you can walk across and get the lay of the cranks through the rock. Under us always there's a crank--cavities and crevices and cranks. We go to school. We study the gol- darned history of Britain and all that ba? loney and we hear it all over the place, when we should be studying more about the earth we're standing on. Divining.... It's awful hard on you, this divining business--got something to do with your brain and tiredness. You sleep a- bout three hours afterwards. Every time I go out, I sleep about three hours after I come back. It seems to be acting to get you just contented and played out. You feel so good then when you wake up! There's something funny about it. I don't know, it's only getting on its feet now. You wait; give it another 10 or 15 years and you're going to hear a heck of a lot , more about it! ARTS NORTH Jewellery ~ Pottery ~ Fiber Cape North Midway Motors Ltd. Middle River R. R. No. 3, Baddeck, Victoria Co., N. S. BOE IBO 295-2290 Local Dealer for CHRYSLER Products Dodge Aries 2-Door Coupe
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