Page 14 - With Katie Margaret Gillis, Mabou Coal Mines
ISSUE : Issue 38
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1
was going so fast. And I called and screamed. And the man ran down with the truck--he heard the noise. He didn't know me--I'd on? ly met him for a minute. So he ran down. "Oh," I said, "my God, this man has to get to the hospital." He said, "I'll take him there." And here was the man after taking me--and a cop ahead of us. There was a cop blowing the horn. And the blood was even coming out on the back of the panel truck. His head (in her lap)--I looked like if I was a murderer--and one of the nurses rolled my clothes up and, "Just put them in water when you come home." I wasn't very dressed, only in the kitchen. She said, "Take this, and put it around you go? ing back, and then you can sit in the front." She gave me rubber, kind of sheet? ing. (You held his head all the way in.) All the way. And every time--I had this wa? ter, this wet rag, and a little bottle of water, and I put it on his lips. And oh, my God, he was passing out--I thought he wasn't there when I got there. But they rushed him in, and I don't know how many hours--he was hours. I took off then with the man, back, because he wanted to see Angus. Angus came back to the trailer and asked, "Where in the name of God did Katie go? She's supposed to have this gentleman that's coming to look at the rock." And they told where I was and that I'd be back pretty soon, that he was making 100 miles an hour when they saw him, with the cop a- head of him. And that the man was bleedings Angus buried the leg there in the field when he came home in the evening. (Did you ever see the man again?) Well, I'll tell you what. In the '50s Angus was drilling a well down near Ketch Harbour-- this new house that wanted a well, and wanted Angus's divining rods. And Angus 236 Townsend St., Sydney, N.S. BIP 5E8 Phone 539-4566 Limited Edition Collectors Plates & Fine Giftware P.O. Box 1644 Sydport Industrial Park Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada BIP 6T7 Phone: (902) 564-5461 Telex: 019-35296 Cape Breton Offshore Fabricators limited Steel fabricating plant. - Automatic "MIG" welding machines - Photo-cell profile burner - Overhead cranes - A large variety of machine shop equipment We do all types of light and heavy duty fabrication. Looking forward to doing work for offshore related industries. got water. Angus said, "My wife is with me and we're going to have a bite of lunch." "Oh, your wife is with you?" He said, "Yeah." "Well, I want to see your wife." I went over. And he grabbed me and he said, "Boy! You saved my life!" And I said, "I don't know." "Yes," he said, "look at me today. Do you remember the day you took me in?" That's just the words he said. "Do you remember how far I was gone?" And I said, "Oh, is that you?" Anyway, he'd built 3 houses. He'd throw his (artificial) legs off like this and run--that's the way he was doing the shin- gling--faster than you and I. He'd pull them off--and run--going over the shingles just like a little monkey. Quick! He built 3 houses, and he drove a taxi for 15 years. He's got a family of 8 and a lovely wife. (28 girls went up there from here. Did most of the girls you left with stay in the States?) Oh, I imagine it would be more than half that stayed up. (And did they all do well?) Very. And I don't see of any that didn't. They got married, and they married a lot from home, too, from An- tigonish. There were some men working on lines there, on telephones and so on. A- bout 6 of mine married there, mostly Anti- gonishers. And not too many from here, be? cause there weren't too many boys went up from here. But Antigonish had quite a few. We had our own club, Canadian club. Once a month, to dance. Meet all our friends. I loved that. I was very fortunate. Some of them bumped into poor people, you know, met with people that they didn't know too Why not take some time this winter to relax, and explore and enjoy some of Cape Breton's natural and cultural history, protected within Cape Breton Highlands National Park The Park is open year 'round. However, during the winter months it offers: --groomed and ungroomed ski trails, with warm-up cabins that are just great for heating a small lunch; --free winter camping facilities at Ing- onish and Cheticamp; • tobogganing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and skating (bring your own gear). Guided Nature Walks are available for organ? ized groups. These must be reserved in advance. PHONE FOR A COPY OF THE PARK'S FREE |T!T?q Winter Activities Brochure ['Sn (902)285-2270 CT MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 8:00 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M. Ekia
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