Page 50 - A Social Worker Visits Cape Breton, 1925
ISSUE : Issue 38
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1
very good-natured fellow. A very good sing? er, oh my God, he had a lot of hymns. I used to go up and see him. You know, we'd get together and sing a bunch of hymns. 'Cause he learned from his old man, you know, his father. So anyvay, one day he told me this story of these little people. He said there were 6 of them came in. And he told me exactly where they sat--one sat there and one sat there, one on the table. Some sat on the bed, some sat on the stool, window stool or somewhere. "Little people," he said. "And they were talking, and I couldn't make out what they were saying. I'd heard if you were confronted with these little people, to give them something. All I had was cookies. And I gave them cookies. So," he said, "it wasn't too long after that, they went, they went their merry way." (They never talked to him?) No. "But my God," he said, "I was scared. I was scared to death. And someone came in, to deliver oil or something, and I was so damn glad. And I told him about them. He just laughed at me." After he told me that story, you know, back around 1975 I guess it was, we de? cided to go to see this old fellow in Res- tigouche. He was supposed to be a man full of Indian hymns. And there was another old fellow there, and he was about 91 at the Wood and coal stoves can be dangerous. If you want to beat the high cost of heating by using a wood or coal stove, be sure that the installation is safe. 83% of fires in homes using wood stoves are caused by: % 36 - creosote buildup in flues 12 - improper use of stove 18-faulty installation 17-faulty chimneys ?? ?? d, write or call ou brochure Wood and Coal Stoves • A Prim .J save you a lot. Irvsurorvce Bureau of Canada • Bureau do time, and he'd sung in the church for 71 years. So I was mainly interested in this old fellow. We were kind of heavy on hymns at that particular time, trying to gather up as much as we could before it was lost completely. But anyway, we landed there. And dinner was ready; his wife cooked dinner for us. As we sat at the table, he said, "Now as soon as we're through eating, we're going to go visit another Indian community called Maria"--that would be in the Gaspe Peninsula somewhere. We had just sat at table to eat--I was sitting here, and he was sitting on the end, Noel was sitting next to me, and another fellow was sitting on the other side. And he said, "We'll come to a place"--called it by the Indian name-- "and there's a very interesting story a- bout this place. It's a story about fair? ies." Well, Noel sat around like this. "Fairies!" "Yeah." "Tell us about it!" So the old man started--and Noel wouldn't eat his dinner. He just sat there; he was just mesmerized. And I watched him, you know. So I said to myself, now, there must be some truth, because he's so interested, you know. So the old man said, "In this particular place you'll see tracks coming down from the mountain. And you'll see a cross a- round the edge of the mountain, you know, just at the comer of the mountain. It's a fairly steep mountain. Next to that, anoth? er mile or so, is a mission, they call Mis? sion St. Luke. We'll go up there, too." But Noel wasn't interested in this mis? sion- -he was more interested in the fair? ies. He said, "Tell us about this fairy business." So the old man said, "This is farming country. There's some very big farms there, and they have horses and cat? tle. And these fairies used to harass the animals to the point where some of them died. Some of the horses had died. And in Vogue Cleaners Prince Street, Sydney * Quality Same-Day Dry Cleaning * SUEDES REPAIRS Van's Pizzeria Restaurant OPEN YEAR ROUND: /''T'''t "' "''"''.'J/'"'i Sun 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Pizza '' Lasagna * Schnitzel Souvlaki '' Pierogies ' Canadian Food TAKE OUT OR EAT IN Margaree Forks 248-2154 Phone (902) 794-7251 Cable BRENNANS Telex 019-35149 Night & Holiday 736-8479 794-3178 /;' Brennans Ij''J Travel Agency *<4ssoo*' 158 QUEEN STREET, NORTH SYDNEY STEAMSHIP -- AIRLINE -- RAIL AND HOTEL ACCOl'ODATIONS
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