Page 57 - Bill Forbrigger and Coastal Schooners
ISSUE : Issue 38
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/1/1
Bill Forbrigger and Coastal Schooners (There must have been a lot of boats here at one time.) Oh my dear, I guess there were. In those days, nothing but boats, all kinds of them. There were 7 of them in that little place--Port Malcolm had 7 schooners alone at that time, and that was only a small village. Everyone had schoo? ners those days. (And a lot of traffic?) Yes. In 1916 the ice was in here the 24th of May, the place (Strait of Canso) was blocked with ice. There came a gale of wind that night from the southwest. And we all went out next morning, and we never saw a cake. There were 107 sail of vessels left Port Malcolm and Hawkesbury when the ice went out. 107. An awful late spring. (Were they here for the winter?) No, no, no. Some from the States, from Lunenburg, and some from Barbados. They were waiting for the ice to go through, to go north, on to Prince Edward Island and Madeleine Is? lands and New Brunswick • An awful pile. Seven 3-masters. A couple coming from New (wolSiFor Great Entertainment Jgit. '-'' and ''??' Up-to-the-Minute Reports in News, Current Affairs, Sports, & Weather, Stay Tuned to: 1140 AM Radio 105.9 FM Stereo Channel 5-Cable 11-Television XBC Cape Breton...
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