Page 25 - Beatrice T. MacNeil's Play: "The Dream"
ISSUE : Issue 39
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1
For I have fallen victim In that great monstrous snare. (Out of breath, he drops into the rocking chair, and finishes the song softly:) So adieu to Cape Breton Island And the Island girls so true. Long may they live to roam on shore Where my first breath I drew. No more I'll see those lofty ships As they go sailing by. With their banners floating in the breeze Above their canvas skies. (Soon his head nods into a light sleep. Once again a loud knock is heard at the door. A woman's voice breaks through the silence.) VOICE; Mickey, Mickey, open the door, I have some- thing to show you. MICKEY: Show it to somebody else. VOICE: Nobody wants to see it. MICKEY: I can't blame them. VOICE: You're not being fair, you're letting your life shrivel up and decay. You'll soon be old e- nough to varnish. MICKEY: You'll never paint me with your brush. VOICE: I don't want to. MICKEY: Like hell you don't, I can smell the paint from here. VOICE: You're imagining things. MICKEY: A man can't imagine a fact. VOICE: The fact is you're wrong, Mickey. You're getting too old for dreams. MICKEY: And I'm getting older from nightmares. VOICE: You can get rid of them. MICKEY: Then get off the step. VOICE: Why can't I show you my gift? MICKEY: Does a bear show you his claws before an attack? VOICE: (Annoyed) You men are all alike. You don't mind women falling at your feet, but you defy them to go any further. MICKEY; That's true. That's why I keep my destina? tion a secret. VOICE; I think you lost the map. MICKEY: I think you lost your mind, if you think I'm going to let you in here unravelling gifts on me just to get on the good side of me. VOICE: You did a lot of unravelling years ago. MICKEY: Not for you I didn't, except for your kite that got caught in the black spruce tree. VOICE: That's where I met my dear husband. MICKEY: That's where you should have hung your dear husband to spare him his misery. VOICE; You're impossible. It helps to oblige your misery. I feel sorry for you. MICKEY; That's the closest you'll ever get to feel me. (VOICE breaks out into a harsh laugh before fading away. Mickey, now fully awake, walks around the room like a man unsure of his direction. He goes to the dresser and gently reaches out his hand and stands silently looking at the picture of his de? ceased wife. He begins to speak.) MICKEY: Are they right, my dear woman? Am I too old for dreams? In or out of a dream, I can find LeBlanc Siding Ltd. We Install Authorized Dealer for ICAYCAN Aluminum & Vinyl Siding imargaree i windows Aluminum Windows & Doors - Shutters Softfit - Fascia - Awnings 109 Reservoir Road Sydney FREE ESTIMATES Professional installation of Aluminum & Vinyl Siding in Cape Breton County for over 10 years. Free Estimates for R.R.A.P., N.S.H.C, & C.M.H.C. Programs and all other siding inquiries. Call collect: SONNY MacPHERSON 539-4626 GOOD REPAIRS - GOOD SERVICE - GOOD FRIENDS AT... Good People Sea & Shore Services Inc Ship Repairs Drydock Machine Shop Welding Shop Professional Diving Service Full Mobile Unit Electrical Shop Dockside Refitting Carmel Ship Supplies General Ship Supplies Fueling Station Ocean Ships Fishing Vessels Shi??j/'rds Drydocking since 1866 Serving The Fishing Industry The Navy The Offshore 255 Commercial St., North Sydney TEL.: 902-794-4741 (25)
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