Page 27 - Beatrice T. MacNeil's Play: "The Dream"
ISSUE : Issue 39
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1
MICKEY: No, I can't, Murdock, 'cause you and me produced our own. Remember the night we met the two girls from the States at a dance in Baddeck. We told them we were lawyers when neither one of us could defend ourselves against the wind. MURDOCK; Weren't those great times, when a fella could lie and call it a joke. With all that damn philosophy and stuff on T.V. today, them fellows would say we were suffering from corrosions of fantasy. MICKEY: Let them call it what they like. Chances are they liked them as much as we did. MURDOCK: If they didn't, they are not as smart as we were. MICKEY: If they did, God knows what that makes them. MURDOCK: We sound like two of them fellows our? selves. MICKEY: (Smiling) Some are sounder than others. MURDOCK: Talking about sounds, I thought I heard you shouting at someone last night. MICKEY; I thought you couldn't hear. MURDOCK: (With a twinkle in his eye) I said I, couldn't tell the truth from a lie. MICKEY; The truth is, I miss lying. But you can't lie to yourself at our age. The truth speaks when we don't. MURDOCK; Jesus, weren't we good at it, Mickey. But I think them girls knew we were lying. MICKEY; (Jokingly) I believe most people knew we were. MURDOCK; Maybe that's why the priest used to ask for my name in confession. MICKEY: Asked for your name! (Exaggerating) I had to confess my intentions. MURDOCK: (Mockingly) Sometimes I wonder how you ended up with a good woman like Clara. MICKEY; Sometimes I wonder how I ended up without her. MURDOCK: (Scolding voice) Now, Mickey, that was not your doing. MICKEY: No, I can't say it was. But I am responsi? ble for the memories and I thank Him for them. MURDOCK: Mary always says she wants to go before me. And I say to her. Go right ahead since you're a hard act to follow, God knows where I might end up. MICKEY; You'll end up in the dog house if you keep that up. MURDOCK; My dog is happy. MICKEY: How would you like to end up with the three widows? MURDOCK: (Puzzled) What three widows are available? MICKEY; The McAskill widows. MURDOCK; Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, would you want a tornado at a picnic! MICKEY; I'ts true. I've been dreaming about them for weeks. MURDOCK: Mickey, I thought you quit lying. MICKEY: I did. I said I was dreaming. MURDOCK; Boy, the next time I go to the doctor, I'm taking you with me. The McAskills (He pauses and wipes his brow.) That's the first time I'll bet they made it to a dream. MICKEY: They haven't made it yet. But in all my dreams, the three of them are after me. MURDOCK: In all reality, I think you're after your? self. My dog wouldn't go near them. MICKEY: Your dog is wise. MURDOCK; You should have kept lying, Mickey, and forget about dreams. MICKEY; Sometimes I don't know the difference. MURDOCK; You're probably just going through a stage in your life. MICKEY: I wish the damn play would end. MURDOCK; Tell me something, Mickey, when was the last time you went for a long walk beside a stream and up the mountains? CONTINUED NEXT PAGE on on Trans-Canada Hwy.- w '' 5 mites west of Baddeck • Swimming Pool - Hot Showers • Laundromat - Camper's Store • Supervised Children's Program • Full Hook-ups - Canoeing 295-2288 BADDECK - CABOT TRAIL ??CAMPGROUND * RIVERBOAT TOURS * HIGHLAND FLING Shop of Interest Many exclusive items in our large selection of quality crafts & souvenirs 1 Soapstone & Wood Carvings IF'H Bluenose Models Decorative Butterflies Leathercraft & Moccasins Paintings, Prints & Cards Handknit Sweaters PRODUCTS BY Kodak Take your memories home on Kodak film PLEASANT BAY -THE JEWEL OF THE CABOT TRAIL (27)
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