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ISSUE : Issue 39
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1
He had it all figured out, how he would make the most of his retirement years. Finally there would be time to travel, to take up a hobby, to see more of his grandchildren. Even to sleep late. It wasn't enough. Two years later, Mr. Harvey still misses the routine of his working days; especially the company of his buddies at the plant. The thought of old age hounds him. And then there's inflation. Mr, Harvey doesn't need another worry, but he soon may have one. Quite simply, he's gone from moderate to heavy drinking. Not only when he gets together with his friends, but during ordinary evenings, when he and his wife are just relaxing at home. Moderation is for young people, Mr. Harvey will tell you. True enough. But now that Mr. Harvey is past his physical prime and facing new situations that need stamina and clear thinking, it's just as important for him. Moderation belongs to every age. It's one idea that should never be retired. Seaaram We believe in moderation and we 've been saying so since 1934.
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