Page 58 - Joseph D. Samson Tells an Old Tale
ISSUE : Issue 39
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1
tit pi y marchito Y fit ain boute pi y ra- contrit la fille du roi, cette-la qu'ava et6 vole. Ca fa quand a le vit m'nir, a dit, "Nom de 'jeu, quoi ce que tu fas icitte--moi qu'ai icitte sounnier avec la bete a Sept Tetes et pi sept geains qui me souinnent sans ca icitte en bas. Si t'ouayons toi, y'alles te manger." Y dit, "Nang, j'ai m'nu pour te delivrer. Pi j'veux t'delivrer. J'veux te monter su le trou." A dit, "T'es pas capable. C'ai impossible. Y a pas de way que tu peux*me monter." "Ah," y dit, "j'va asseyer--asseyer de te monter su le trou." A dit, "J'm'en va te dire avain que j'monte su le trou. J'ai ain mouchoue avec une poume d'or, une poume d'argeain, pi une poume d'alliance que mon pere m'a doune. J'm'en va te I'douner pour ain sou? venir parce que jama tu r'viendras back, I don't believe." "Beh," y dit, "j'm'en va prende une chance a te delivrer." Ca fa alle a prit pi y se mettent pour mar? cher pi quand y m'nu a travers des trois geains, les trois geains voula prendre charge. Ca fa, avec sa canne, il les e- clairci--y'eclaircissit les trois geains. Il les tchuit tous les trois. Pi y m'nu jusqu'au trou pi quand qu'y m'nu au trou, le panier etait la. Pi la asteur, y dit, "J'm'en va te mette dans le panier pi said, "I'm going to go down." He said, "If there's any way at all to reach down, I'm going to reach down." He said, "When I'll be down there, if there is something to be done, I'm going to do it. But if I happen to meet the girl, and send her up, don't forget, send for me. Send the basket down for me. Because, if I ever come back on top of the hole, you wouldn't live to tell the story." So they had promised him to haul him back, if he had found the girl. So he went down there, he went far down there. And they couldn't stand by the hol? lering, and cripes knows what's going on-- chains, and cripes knows. Anyhow, he started walking, and he passed a couple of rooms, and by-and-by came across this girl. She was there. There were 2 of those gi? ants that were looking after her--they were to pass there, I think it was 2 or 3 times a day. And that Beast with Seven Heads used to pass once a day. So when he saw her, he asked her if she was the girl that was stolen, king's daughter. She said, "Yes, I am. But I'm being watched by 3 of those giants and the Seven-Headed Beast that's coming around once a day." She said, "I can't move from here. It's impossible." "Well," he said, "you got any remarks on you, or something that your father gave you, or your mother, or any of your par? ents had given you?" She said, "Yes. I've got a handkerchief that my father gave me, with a golden apple and a silver apple and pomme d'alliance"--a remembering apple, something to remember her.... They were printed on the handkerchief. (An apple of remembrance?) That's more like it. She said, "That's a gift my father gave me." Since 1914 H. H. Marshall Limited Corporate Head Office Halifax, N.S. 3731 Macintosh Street B3K 5N5 "WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF PERIODICALS & BOOKS" BRANCH OFFICES CHARLOTTETOWN ST JOHN'S SYDNEY H. H. Marshall Limited, 103 York St.,.Sydney (539-3220) DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOMED "H. H. MARSHALL LIMITED TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN OUR COMMUNITY AND THE MANY PEOPLE WE SERVE. IT HAS GIVEN US OUR VALUED HERITAGE AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO AN EXCITING FUTURE." We congratulate Sydney on its 200th Birthday. ALONE Margaree Windows. ALONE in their field. ALQME with 50% more wood. ALONE with a lifetime guarantee. ALONE with leak proof joints. ALONE with performance tests far above requirements. Margaree Windows A- LONE are manufactured on an assembly line basis in Nova Scotia. Margaree Windows-- a modern thermoglazed window stands ALONE with comparable list price. FREE EPUCATIONAL SEMINAR Here's your chance to learn about thermo wood windows. How to select, install, finish, maintain, deal with condensation and rot. Anyone can benefit And there's no obligation. Let us help you solve your problems and answer questions through demons! tions, slides and displays For the,seminars Margaree has two fixed locations, Halifax and Sydney, OR our Mobile Demonstration Trailer will come to your area. Just get a group together and/or give us a call. Margaree Wholesale Ltd. '/'tk, Read Distribution Ltd. P. 0. Box 58, W'!' P- 0. Box 692, Windsor Junction, N. S. M''-' Sydney, N. S. BON 2V0 861-2248 '''F BIP 6H7 562-3220 margaree windows (58)
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