Page 60 - Joseph D. Samson Tells an Old Tale
ISSUE : Issue 39
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1
arra voute fille si vous prouviez des af? faires, les croiriez-vous?" Y dit, "Bounnes proofs apporteront." Y dit, "Quand voute fille s'en a te, y a- vez vous doune ain mouchoue a voute fille, avec une poume d'or, une poume d'argeain, pi une poume d'alliance?" Y dit, "Ouai." Y a prit le mouchoue pi y I'a awaindu pi y dit, "C'ai ti lui ca voute mouchoue cu- ya?" Y'dit, "Ouai.*' Y dit, "Allez cri voute fille." Ca fa y fut la cri. Y dit a la fille, y clit, "Le tains qu t'eta dans le trou, quoi ce que c'ai qui te sounnia?" A dit, "C'ta une Bete a Sept Tetes et pi sept geains qu'avaient charge de moi." Y dit, "Te rappelles-tu quand j't'ai trou? vee, tu m'as doune ton mouchoue que ton pfere t'ava doune pour ain souvenir de toi." A dit, "Ouai, j'me souviens que j'l'ai doune a 9u-ya qui m'a sauvee." "Beh," y dit, "9'ai moi. V'la ton mouchoue. Pi la Bete a Sept Tetes, si je te montera les sept langues, crolras-tu que c'ai moi qui t'a sauvl?" A dit, "Ouai, si tu veux me montrer les sept langues de la Bete a Sept Tetes, j'te croirai si c'ai toi ou beh les geains qui I'a tchuee.''' Ca fa y'attrape les sept langues pi y montre les sept langues de la Bete a Sept Tetes. A dit a son pere, "Ouai, c'ai lui ici qui m'a sauvee. ''''.i pas ceux-la qui m'a ammenee. Zeux, y'etiang su le trou. C'ai lui qui m'a sauvee." "Beh," y dit, "quoi ce que tu vas faire asteur?" Le roi dit, "Si tu I'a sauvee, 9'ai toi qui mari ma fille, c'ai pas les deux autres." A dit, "Quoi ce que tu vas faire avez les deux autres?" "Ah," y dit, "de ma part, j'm'en en mette yain pour sounier les poules pi 1'autres pour sounier les cochangs." Ashby Medical Supply We Rent, Sell & Repair Hospital Equipment: wheelchairs, commode chairs, walkers, beds, canes (WALTER'S RENTALS) 4 SHERIFF AVE., SYONEY (562-5766) HOBBY HUT The Knitting & Craft Shop 204 Commercial St.. North Sydney,N. S. Tel. 794-7774 • Pure Wool & Synthetic yams • Knitting Needles & Patterns • Crewel & Needlepoint Canvases • Artists • Supplies • Locally Made Cerand.cs & Knitted Items wants to take me up, I'll get that." So he went where he had found the cattle and things like that. He killed so many of them, and he dragged them below the hole, cut them by pieces, and he got it ready. So, the eagle came and took him. And every time she was flapping her wings, he used to throw a quarter beef in her beak. So, she got him up there. A quarter of beef, in her beak. So she got up there. Well, after he got up there, he hauled up his basket and he put it there. So, he left for the place where the king was liv? ing. He went at the palace where the king was. And they were just getting ready to get married. Brise-Bois and that girl were ready to get married, see. So when he went there, he went to the king and he told him, he said, "I thought it was the guy that had saved your daughter that was going to marry your daughter." Well, the king didn't know any better. The king said, "Yes." He said, "That's what it is. It's the guy that saved my daughter that's getting married today." He said, "Did you ever ask your daughter (60) One shot at an insulator can drop a community in its tracks. Some thoughtless people "just for the fun of it", use insulators for target practice. In fact, this happens a lot. I know because I'm a Power Corporation lineman, and it's my job to search for the cause of a power failure. People who shoot out insulators forget that a single shot can bring down a house, a factory, a hospital or even an entire city. That's why the Power Corporation offers rewards for information resulting in the conviction of persons responsible for damage to our property. So, if you have information concerning such an incident, please contact your local police or call the Power Corporation. I know just how important stamping out this crime is, my home is just ' ':-* - ,,'' as vulnerable as yours.
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