Page 83 - Mary Sarah MacNeil Remembers Long Island
ISSUE : Issue 39
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/6/1
him. But that was true. Different people saw the light following him. He was at our place one night. You know, he used to live right across the field from our place, and there was a line fence between them. He was at our place one night, him and his sister. And they were going home, A light came across from Bou? larderie, over to where they were. He said to her, "Look at that light." And she couldn't see anything. And he said he put his hands on his face, and he could see the light through his fingers. And she couldn't see it at all. Then when they'd have to climb over the fence. If he was go? ing to climb it, he'd go on this side of her, he was holding onto her. He was scar? ing the life out of her. He'd go on her right side, and the light would come and go on his side of the fence. And when he'd go on the other side of her, the light would go on the other side. She never saw the light. And they got home, and they fell on the floor, in the kitchen, in the house. They almost--well, he scared the life out of her. And he was scared because he was seeing the light. Then there was another night, there used to be a butcher come, and his name was Mil- len. He used to come up and get orders, whoever had lambs or sheep or anything to sell. And he'd stay at this Nicholson house. This night, Millen was at the house, and my Uncle Dan was there, and Mal? colm Nicholson in the other house was there. And they told this same fellow to go down to the bam to get a bucket of coal. So he went to the bam, and after a- while he fell in on the floor, and he said the light was after him. So they all went out. And they all saw the light. The light was going back over--it went over to Bou? larderie, and it started going up above Boularderie. Then the fellow came out to the door. As soon as he came ouf to the door, it stopped, and it started coming back. The fellow went back in again. Now that was true, because my uncle saw the light. But the night he was with his sis? ter, his sister couldn't see the light. But he did. But that light was after him different times, in the nighttime. That light would come. But that night that the crowd was with him, he should have stayed out with them that night, and let the light come back, see what would it do. Because, it wouldn't harm him with all the others with him. When it wouldn't harm him with his sister with him, it wouldn't harm him with the others. So he should have--that's what everybody was saying, he should have stayed out. But he was too scared. As soon as he went back in again, the light started back again. They watched it, and they said it went all up over Boularderie, right out of sight. He saw it different times after that. (But he never found out just what the light was?) No, never found out what it meant, what it was or what it meant, or CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Our thanks to Jeff Tanner and Nicole Claener for telling us about Mary Sarah MacNeil. Ms. Claener shared her tape of initial interviews with Mary Sarah. The map of Long Island is a portion from A. F. Church's 1864 map of Cape Breton County. m tSyVIAWAY LOur first choice for fine food and lodging on the Cabot Trail since 1928. The setting is classic, the food is superb, the service is sincere. Centrally located in the magical Margaree Valley, the Normaway is the ideal base from which to explore the best of Cape Breton scenery and culture. Tennis, biking, hiking, salmon fishing. ' For information and reservations, call or write David MacDonald, The Normaway Inn, Box 165, Margaree Valley (902) 248-2987 BOE 2C0 Recommended in "Where to Eat in Canada." Walk-ins welcome, reservations suggested. Bagnell's Gift Boutique Camera Supplies, Handcrafts, and Souvenirs V Open Year 'Round - 7 Days a Week In the Heart of Louisbourg Management expertise. You have it with... CASE The challenge of running a small business: you have to be an expert at everything... frocn payroll to profits, inventory to exports, cash flow to promotion. Fact is, you can't be an in- stantexpert in everything, and that's where CASE can help. CASE is a sen/ice offered only by FBDB. It stands for Counselling Assistance to Small Enterprises and it can be the secret of your success. CASE provides hands-on counselling by successful, retired people who are knowl? edgeable in your type of business. A CASE counsellor can help .you improve your business operation, quickly. To firid out how CASE can help your business, get in touch with your local Federal Business Development Bank Branch office at: 564-7710. BACKING INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ? Federal Business Banque federate Development Bank de developpement La Banque offre ses sen/ices dans les deux langues officielles. CanadS (83)
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