Page 11 - With Lottie Morrison from Gabarus
ISSUE : Issue 40
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1
I'd never retire. I hope I never retire. You know, some people when they reach the age of 65, they're through--they go to a home. And in a few years time--God help them. Not any interest. (Why do you think you've done as well as you've done all these 95 years?) I've worked all my life. I went to school--I suppose that is work, too, isn't it? I got through school when I was young, and I went to work when I was young, teaching school. Then I went in training--that was hard work. Then I became a nurse, and I worked at that. So, I never had any idle time. And when I came home I started right away to do volunteer work. I've been doing it ever since. And the day that I don't have something to do, what a long day. (You've worked for the Cancer Society.) I've been campaign chairman for about 30 years. And then the Mental Health--I've been there for 30 years. Community Con? certs . Pastoral Care Study. I'm on the Vis? iting Board of the Cape Breton Hospital, Braemore Hospital. I'm into all things. It keeps me busy. (You never smoked, you never drank, and you never waited hand and foot on a man.. No. Now in the morning, I eat a good brea', fast. I eat cereal. And an egg every day. And usually two pieces of whole wheat toast and two or three mugs of coffee. I'm not a marmalade or jelly or jam eater--at any time. And then, I use a head of let? tuce every week--salads. At noontime I'll have a salad and perhaps a sandwich or something. And then I sometimes have 5 veg? etables a day. I'm not a meat eater. I -)n' t think I eat two pounds of meat a year. Chicken I like, and I'm fond of fish. No fats, no salt--not even on my vegeta? bles when I cook them. Salt-free. Just that I don't like salt. My father never liked salt. So, that's it. And I drink cof? fee- -6, 8, 10 cups a day. They say it'll hurt you--well, it hasn't hurt me yet. (But in 10 or 15 years, it might begin to show.) Yes. I'll be dead long before that. Maybe I'll come back as a coffee bean! Cape Breton, Born and Bred Andy MacDonald shares further tales of his youth in TELL PA TM DEAD By the bestselling author of BREAD AND MOLASSES and DONT SLIP ON THE SOAP $14.95 from Doubleday Canada Limited 'CelClC & miSh OKC by nk.nyTncSu.eei. Greeting Cards and Stationery adapted from the Celtic tradition. Pen & ink Prints (8-1 2x11) and Notelets from aspects of Insti life, scenic and culture. Send $2. for catalogue and samples to: kMary McSweeney. 1177 Finch Ave W.. Suite 26. Oownsview. Ont. M3J ZE9. (416) 665-9166 WELCOME TO THE NEW Norma's Diner Friendly service and a comfortable atmosphere complement our full course menu, which offers char-broiled steaks and seafood OPEN FOR BREAKFAST AT 7 A.M. - 7 DAYS A WEEK Whycocomagh on the Trans-Canada Highway, Route 105 Overlooking the Beautiful Bras d'Or Lakes - VOLUME ONE BOOKSTORE Port Hawkesbury Centre Port Hawkesbury, N. S. BOE 2V0 625-1514 Paperbacks * Hardcover Books * Children's Section Gift Books * Local Interest Titles * Magazines Newspapers * Art Supplies SPECIAL ORDER SERVICES We accept phone and mail orders. We will mail an37where. Cii)
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