Page 53 - Tales from Rory MacKinnon, Sugar Loaf
ISSUE : Issue 40
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1
The year came to the end. I was going down the road at Pleasant Bay. Oh, there were a- bout 15 or 20 young fellows, you know, jumping around and fooling. And when the end of the year came, I seen a streak of fire coming right out of the air. A streak of fire. Here was old Mr. Devil come right out of that. "Rory, did you wear the shoes?" I says, "Yes, I wore them out to the end." "Maybe you did." I says, "I did. Here, they're all gone." I told him, "No more shoes." "Well," he says, "all right," he says, "you wore the shoes. Here's your fortune," he says, "in the bag." I hollered all the young fellows to come o- ver to get some of the gold. You know, when I opened the bag, do you know what happened the bag? It was a whole bag of horse manure. And that was the end of the story. Dr. Helen Creighton About ''Roi'y and the Devil," Dr. Creighton said: "That was why I hesitated to send i"t to you, it had such a strange ending. And~ apparently, this story, the only other place I know of it being found was in Hun? gary. Apparently, it gets worse as it goes on. It's a much longer story, and it gets quite obscene. That s one thing about many of the storytellers--they know when to stop. They might tell it to a man, bilt not to--they'd tell it to some women probablyT They size you up." Rory MacKinnon was bom at Fishing Cove, 1898, and lived at Sugar Loaf. He died in 1968. Our thanks to Han? nah MacKinnon Fraser, Dingwall, and Wilson MacKinnon, Sugar Loaf, a daughter and son of Rory MacKinnon, for help in locating a photo and other information regarding their father. And to Dr. Helen Creighton, Dart? mouth, for permission to offer these stories. MEAT FISH GROCERIES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9-9 TO SERVE YOU BETTER ST. PETERS -ALSO VIDEO RENTAL; 535-3363 JSiv'i's MM 0$: ACPDIPn 4 TRIPS DAILY BETWEEN HALIFAX-SYDNEY Adult Fare $24.75 one way Children's Fare $12.40 (under 12) Senior CitizoM $18.75 (65 yrs & over) ncnDmn lires TcAninal and Gcfwral 0?lie??: 6040 Almen St, HaWn B3K SMI Tti. 454-933<) la Port Hawktibanr TalaylMM %1MSl% la Sydaaj Ttlaphoaa 5M4S33 Cape Breton at 200 Historical Essays in Honour of the Island's Bicentenn ia I 1785-1985 Hardcover: $24.95 (Limited Edition) Softcover: $14.95 To order, send cheque or money order to: University College of Cape Breton Press P.O. Box 5300, Sydney. N.S. B1P 6L2 (53)
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