Page 56 - A Letter, 1922: Alexander Graham Bell Dies at Baddeck
ISSUE : Issue 40
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1
told you that--I think it has been her greatest comfort. I don't think you need fear that Mother will break down--now, anyway. It makes you cry to see her. She goes on just as usual-- makes all the motions--laughs and talks but you never forget for one minute that the heart of everything has gone out of life for her forever. She isn't wearing mourning. She says she could never take it off if she did and that if we did she couldn't help watching us for the first signs of our putting it off. It would seem like putting off our sorrow. Up here it has seemed so natural and so beautiful an ending of a great and happy life that the trappings of woe would have been belittling. There was no crepe on the door--no drawn blinds--the children played about and ran up and down stairs-- there was no feeling at all that Death was terrible. No one saw Daddysan again. They dressed him in his gray corduroy knickerbockers-- and put the rosette of the Legion of Honor in his button hole. The men in the Lab made the coffin out of good rugged pine and forged the iron han? dles. It was lined with aeroplane linen. Dorothy Kerr planned and Mabel, Graham, Barbara and Nancy Bell made a pall of green, entirely covered with balsam fir. They cut the branches very short and sewed them on. If you had seen them fitting it over the coffin themselves and doing it so sweetly and seriously, so glad there was something they, too, could do for Gampie, you would be thankful for them that death as death can never seem a thing to fear. The only flowers on the coffin were from the Am. Tel. and Tel. Co. The wreath must have been chosen by some one with "tender? ness and imagination" Mother feels. It was of laurel--sheaves of wheat and pink roses--and Mother feels they were chosen-- "the laurel for victory, the wheat for the gathered harvest and the roses for gentle? ness and sweetness." CONTINUED SAVE YOUR WINDSHIELD! STONE DAMAGED WINDSHIELDS RESTORED FOR FREE! Your Insurance Company Pays All DAY 564-4527 NIGHT f' Now full auto glass service, if your windshield is beyond surgery MAIN CLINIC: 6 LIBERTY ST., SYDNEY ' (Free House Calls) The Windshield Surgeon (56) Cape Breton Wcx)len Mills store and Gift Shop Yarn Made on the Premises * Local Handcrafts A Large Variety of Hand Knit Sweaters OPEN YEAR ROUND: Mon. - Fri., 9'5 JUNE TO OCTOBER: Mon. - Sat., 8 - 6 Drop in, or write for shade cards and price lists. MAIL ORDERS WELCOMED Cape Breton Woolen Mills Ltd. R. R. No. 1, Irish Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOA IHO (902) 828-2776
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