Page 72 - Smelt Fishing on the North River Ice
ISSUE : Issue 40
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1985/8/1
Raymond: I guess it's--I think it's--we've been working at it so long now, we don't want to give it up! Laughter. I believe people would think we're foolish, the last week, out here in this cold weather, com? ing fishing out here at 5 o'clock some mornings. You can't see the shore with snow. Donnie: You get tired sitting in the house knitting lobster heads. You've got to get outside. The other day here, it was a beau? tiful winter's day, and there wasn't-- you'd look around and you couldn't see a soul out, coasting or skiing or snowshoe- ing or anything. Jackie: There's lots of days when you're out there on the ice, you were wishing you were back. this--sitting in here nice and warm (in the fish shack), and then you go out and get 2 or 3 hundred pounds of smelts, like that. Then tomorrow, go over to Goldman's with them, and he'll pay you right there for them. And stop in the tavern coming home, and have steak and a beer. Jackie: Come back and set your net; hope you'11 have to go the next day with anoth? er bunch. Raymond: A lot better than going on unem- ployment. I'd rather be out there than be in Florida, now. Donnie: If you didn't enjoy it, you wouldn't be out there. That's what I say. If it was only for the money, you wouldn't bother with it. Raymond: It's good fun, and it's good sport m it, too, when you go out like Raymond: I may be down here smelting when I'm 90 years old! They start hauling the net AN EXCELLENT LOCAL HISTORY! The Story of Framboise An Eachdraidh air Flambois Send $5.00 to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Framboise, R. R. 1, Gabarus, N. S. BOA IKO We Buy and We Sell, and We're as Near as Your Telephone Sid s Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436. Charlotte Street, Sydney INVERNESS by the Sea dig clams bird Watch in our pool take a whale cruise go deep sea fishing enjoy harness racing see the Miners' Museum fish salmon in the Margaree fish for trout at Lake Ainslie hike along the cliffs or trails Inverness Lodge and Dining Room A quiet little Country Inn on the western shore of Cape Breton. Plan to stay with us, and lose yourself in scenery and serenity. And all are welcome to enjoy FINE DINING FOR LODGE GUESTS, AND FOR CAPE BRETONERS AND THEIR FRIENDS INVERNESS LODGE LTD., . 0. Box 69, Central Ave., Inverness, N. S. BOE INO sunmer (902) 258-2193 winter (902) 564-4371 Inns 1-800-565-7105 TOLL FREE (72)
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