Page 10 - Dan Alex MacLeod: a Working Life
ISSUE : Issue 41
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1
Dan Alex MacLeod shearing, docking a lamb, and at the beach at Framboise where his sheep subsisted mainly on kelp. This year, troubled by excessive disappearances on the pasture, he sold the floclc! Forest Management Area Cutting, damaging or removal of forest products from this area is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted. Fines up to $500. STORA' Stora Forest Industries PLEASE DON'T STEAL THE TREES In eastern Nova Scotia, the 82,000 acres of plantations and spaced stands established by Stora Forest Industries make some of Nova Scotia's best recreational properties. Excellent for outdoor pursuits, Stora has always welcomed the public's use of these forests and tiie thousands of miles of roads we have built to : make them accessible. j But, unfortunately, the few can ruin it for the many. In recent years, entire plantations have disappeared and spaced stands des? troyed because of thieves and vandalism. ; To prevent further damage, Stora is posting "Forest Management Area" signs on all plantations and spacings to identify that these forests are prote( ted under the Protection of Property Act of Nova Scotia. j We encourage you to picnic, hike, hunt, fish, birdwatch and enjoy nature ir i these bountiful forests - but please, don't steal the trees. STORA' Stora Forest industries
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