Page 42 - A New Tape Offer! "Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs"
ISSUE : Issue 41
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1
These two jigs were composed by Piper Jackson, an Irish piper, fiddler, and composer from County Limerick, who published Jackson's Celebrated Irish Tunes in 1774. He composed many, many famous melodies including "Irish Washerwoman," "Groves Hornpipe," "Morgan Rattler," and almost any tune you can think of that has "Jackson" in the title. BOTTLE OF PUNCH is also known as "Jackson's Bottle of Brandy," and MOLLY BRANNIGHAN is also known as "Cosey's Jig," "Jimmy O'Brien," "Green Fields of America," and "Baine's Favourite." Johnny Wilmot's settings here are in the Key of D which suits the fiddle perfectly; the original Irish bagpipe set? ting was in the Key of G. Bottle of Punch Molly Brannighan Hughie Shortie's Reel Johnny Wilmot wrote this tune, and it's been a very popular reel ever since he recorded it. Hughie MacDonald is a character who most every fiddler knows and likes. He's from Inverness town. Ever since the tape record? er's been invented Hughie has been following Cape Breton fiddlers around, collecting their music. LeBlanc Siding Ltd. ''''st-mates We Install Authorized Dealer for ICAYCAN Aluminum & Vinyl Siding margaree windows Aluminum Windows & Doors - Shutters Softfit - Fascia - Awnings 109 Reservoir Road Sydney Professional installation of Aluminum & Vinyl Siding in Cape Breton County for over 10 years. Free Estimates for R.R.A.P., N.S.H.C, & C.M.H.C. Programs and all other siding inquiries. Call collect: SONNY MacPHERSON 539-4626 Stores To Serve You CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA SYDNEY RIVER m'' Featuring 'W?? OCPANTMCMT CTOIIil Open DaHy 'Til 10 p.m. The Crossroads of Cape Breton"' Pi • tyOfFr • Sobeys & ShcpDer's Drug Mart "'s'''y' * "-' = (43)
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