Page 49 - Diary: Mary Smith of Smithville, 1890-92
ISSUE : Issue 41
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1
ill '' In front of the house at Smithville: (right) Mary's son Lewis Lambert Smith; (left) his wife Flora MacDon? ald Smith; (1. to r.) their chil? dren Isabel 1 Alice Smith Fraser, Ethel Jane Smith Dixon, Lam? bert Lewis Smith (de? ceased), Mar? garet Ann Smith Hart, Sarah Lorena Smith Stuck- ey, (seated) Alexander Purcy Lome Smith, Hugh Reginald Smi th. Thursday 9' A fine bright day but cloudy in the morning, after breakfast George David and Lewis started to breake the road to the school with horses sleds and shovels and Lewis took teacher children and all on his sled it was near dinner time when they got back and now they are away breaking roads to the southward but dont expect to get fare (far) Lewis will have to go for the chil? dren. Our women boiled a pot of soap in the fore? noon and melted snow and now they are washing they finished washing and got the cleaning up done be? fore tea. Thomas came over in the evening and brought a quarter of nice veal he was dreadful tired when he got hear the roads was so deep with snow he said he never saw it so bad at the Brook but once that was nine years ago September Thursday Sept'''' 17**' a fine day Lewis took uncle Chisholm to the Boat in the morning then bussey about the Oats and Barley got two loads of oats in and raked and cocked up a large piece of Barley it is verry good George hear in the afternoon helpeing them Bella and Ethel up to Mrs Baynes Sewing for the Trinadad mission and practiceing singing. Maria Beaton came this morn? ing to do the weaveing I did my washing washed the sheets and pillow slips and towels from the spare bedroom Sarah and Flora quilting ironing and every? thing else it is sundown now and the girles not come They got home all right a little after dark Monday Sept/ 21'' a good dry cold windey day Lew? is still sick with sore throat but got out after dinner to try to do something, could not get any one to help mow today everyone is so bussey Maria Beaton came She is makeing a job of warpeing all the webbs she is now at the third one since she came she has one more yet to do Ethel and Maggie at school Bella and Bertie dug a Barrel potatoes before dinner for the Pigs Sarah twisting yarn Flora at housework I washing dishes and knitting Ethel has just come home from school sick with sore throat and cold Lewis got two loads Oats in he is better now Finley Beaton came to help them BONNIE JEAN Country Kitchei& Lounge RESTAURANT: 7 AM - 12 PM, 7 Days a Week LOUNGE: 11 AM - 2 AM, 6 Days a Week DAILY BUFFET * DANCE FLOOR Featuring Local Country & Western Talent * * We Cater Parties for All Occasions * * C. B. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River 539-5247 Nova Scotia Cape Breton Health Unit Department of 'Gs, thesG health sefvlces are available Health in your community: ??Dental Health Services -Public Health Inspection ??Prenatal Classes -Health Education -Nutrition Information OFFICE LOCATIONS: SYDNEY 564-4447 ARICHAT 226-2944 NEW WATERFORD 862-2204 BADDECK 295-2159 OFFICE LOCATIONS CHETICAMP GLACE BAY INVERNESS NEIL'S HARBOUR 224-2410 PORT HAWKESBURY 625-1693 849-4566 258-2100 Ext. 134 PORT HOOD 787-3302 ST. PETERS 535-2026 MARGAREE 248-2198 SYDNEY MINES 736-6245 (50)
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