Page 57 - Louisbourg Fishermen Rescue U.S. Seamen, 1942
ISSUE : Issue 41
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1
know how they got it around, but they got it around and jammed." Ed Levy: "Charlie's brother Joe was on the bow of her and he threw a rope up a couple times and they couldn't--the men were too frozen that they couldn't move--by and by he got a gaff and he gaffed it. The rope went in over her rail, her wire rail. Joe gaffed it back and held it, held the end of it." (So they didn't take the rope from you.) "They couldn't. They were too cold. Man, you take--they were on deck of that thing from 11 o'clock in the morning one day and this was about 11 o'clock in the next day--24 hours and with below zero weather, I'm telling you. And nothing to sUidooing. organizing the orViov'?a1oo'' i,buiid'S for iurt , carving aw ""ffv.enit.t'e??rn?-,s • ,oundacoV cover themselves with. Some with their bare feet, some with shoes on--almost all had bare hands. Some had socks on their feet. Oh man, dear, if you'd seen the mess those men were in. "When they rolled over the side of the boat and came down into the boat--and Joe and Nelson and Earl Lewis and you, Charlie, were at it too--and they'd take them over the side--the boat was up quite high-- they'd let themselves go. You'd grab them and pull them in the boat. Their hands were frozen. The good ones helped the bad ones, see. The worst ones we took down for? ward. And the ones that could stand up-- there were a couple of them--we left them '*''''''''''**''"'' • ' stand up back in the back part of the boat. "I couldn't believe we were 25 to 30 min? utes." (Charlie: "No more.") "From the time we left the tug, we were back to the tug. The tug was waiting for us on the end of the bar to bring us in through the ice. And I don't think we were an hour from the time we left the wharf till we were back to the wharf again." Charlie Bagnell: "It was 18 we took off?? Some of them had frostbite. I did hear a fellow lost a toe, I don't know whether that's right or not. Took them up to the Navy League. Oh, a very uncomfort? able night. She pounded to pieces out there." All were landed at Lewis's wharf, some so frozen they couldn't walk. All the men were immedi? ately taken to the Navy League Hut (hos? tel) where townswom- en, alerted, had set up an emergency hos? pital ward. Under Mrs. Catherine Lewis, R.N., and Mrs. Weir Martell, R.N., a team comprised of Mrs. Miriam Cameron, Mrs. Norma Covey, Mrs. Annie Dickson, Mrs. Sadie Dowling, Mrs. Retha Jewell, Mrs. Winnie Kyte, Mrs. Eva Lewis, Mrs. Bessie Mounce, Mrs. Myiarm up t? scotia pterin sno okeV KvaketheKetoc/Cape connection v'/eekend, or Amte-. PO. BOX 70 goC 'L0 ''- ??"??-Ster of '0''''" (58)
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