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ISSUE : Issue 41
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/1/1
Subscriptions: 4 ISSUES IN CANADA 4 ISSUES (FOREIGN) $8.00 $9.00 THE SIXTH COLLECTORS' EDITION OF CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE Issues 30 through 34 in One Book ?? $6.50 LIFE STORIES: Mabel Dubbin, V.O.N. * Bill Daye, Painter * James D. Gillis * Janie Nicholson, Midwife * Leslie Shedden. Photographer * Wilfred Poirier, Lobster Buyer * Bowden Murphy. Fisherman * Bill Fraser. R.C.M.P. * Frank Jackson of North Sydney PEOPLE AND THEIR WORK: Mining at Gold Brook * Mine Rescue Team * Walter Dugas and His Fence * Alex John Boudreau & the Co-op Move? ment * Horses in the Coal Mines FOLK TALES: Sorcery around Cheticamp * George LeBrun * Sea Ser? pents * Art Severance: Truthful Paul * Joseph Samson: "Guillaume sans Peur" * Micmac Tale: "The Magical Dancing-Doll" NATURAL HISTORY: The Banding of Eagles * John Erskine: "Under the Forest" HISTORY. SPOKEN & WRITTEN: Cape Bretoners in World War One * Ship? wrecks on the Fourchu-Framboise Coast * William & Mary Crowdis, Northeast Margaree * European Impact on Micmac Culture * Cartier & the Cape Breton Shore * Letter from Big Bras d'Or, 1830 * Capt. Holland's Plan for Cape Breton, 1767 * Capt. David A. McLeod's Early Years * Yvon LeBlanc, Architect. Fortress of Louisbourg BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE Issues 1 to 29 (except 2, 5, 19, 26) each $1.00 Cassette Tape Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs SEE DETAILS, PAGES 42-46 Nova Scotia Residents $7.70 Rest of Canada $7.00 Outside Canada $8.00 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE NOVA SCOTIA BOC IHO Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson JANUARY 1986 CAPE BRETON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Cape Bretoners In Business Together (K "he Twinning of Highland Region, Scotland, with Cape Breton Island, N. S. PLf'n'fTri rt'Tpjj'rW =1' *' ' 'm ' r i'fi iiA[itf'??rrf| Composed by Bobby Coghill, 4 Wick, Scotland Cape Breton Twinning Contact: Jim Cunningham, Executive Director, CAPE BRETON JOINT EXPEN? DITURE BOARD, Sydney, N. S. (902) 564-5541
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