Page 1 - Lexie O'Hare Went to Boston
ISSUE : Issue 42
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1
Lexie O'Hare Went to Boston We lived there (Forest Glen). There were 6 of us at that time. And we could turn out a lot of work--those of us that wanted to work. And some didn't. They didn't like the farm. I lefto (Why?) Well, my sister (Mary) was getting married and I was going to go and be their bridesmaid. I was a good worker on the farm and that was my pay, that was my vacation after haying and the farm work was all done. (Had you al? ways wanted to go to the States?) Well, my sister did. She left three years before that. And writing back and forth--and she was having a good time and buying clothes • They didn't pay too much money at that time but things were lots--and she'd send me things. And I wanted to go. So I went. (Alone?) No, I went with the two girl friends that worked there, that were home visiting their people during their vaca? tion. (You were just about 18 years old.) That's right. I was excited, of course. I thought I knew quite a lot about it from others who had been going back and forth, looking forward to seeing them the next year. I was a young girlo There were a lot of peo? ple there who had gone away years before and married and had families. (Had you thought you were going to stay or just vis? it?) That's what my mother thought, too-- that I was just going up there for a visit. But I don't know, my sister, she'd like to have me there, because she said, "You'll never get anything on a farm"--and all this business. So an3rway, I went. (Did she mean a man?) No. Just work. You never could go out and work and earn some money. You'd farm home, but there's nothing for it. My sister got married. Set up housekeeping right away. She married the son of a minis? ter from Portland, Maine. And he was a chauffeur for Archer, the Moxie people--it was a cold drink like Pepsi. (I) said, "Well, I suppose I'll have to go do house? work." You know, we learned at home how to wash and scrub and cook and clean and iron and everything--and I thought I knew e- nough. So Mary said, "They're coming from ever3rwhere"--Eng land, Ireland, Scot land-- and she said, "Don't go doing housework." CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE, NUMBER FORTY-TWO WRECK COVE, CAPE BRETON, NOVA SCOTIA SECOND CLASS MAIL -- REGISTRATION NUMBER 3014 (1)
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