Page 13 - A New Story by Alistair MacLeod: "As Birds Bring Forth the Sun"
ISSUE : Issue 42
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1
''' cu mor glas silhouetted on the brow of the hill which was the small island's highest point. "M'eudal cu mor glas" shouted the man in his happi- ness • m'eudal meariTiTg something like dear or dar? ling; and as he shouted, he jumped over the side of his boat into the waist-deep water, struggling for footing on the rolling gravel as he waded ea? gerly and awkwardly towards her and the shore. At the same time, the cu mor glas came hurtling down towards him in a shower of small rocks dislodged by her feet; and just as he was emerging from the water, she met him as she used to, rearing up on her hind legs and placing her huge front paws on his shoulders while extending her eager tongue. The weight and speed of her momentum met him as he tried to hold his balance on the sloping angle and the water rolling gravel beneath his feet, and he staggered backwards and lost his footing and fell beneath her force. And in that instant again, as the story goes, there appeared over the brow of the hill six more huge grey dogs hurtling down to? wards the gravelled strand. They had never seen him before, and seeing him stretched prone beneath their mother, they misunderstood, like so many ar? mies, the intention of their leader. ' They fell upon him in a fury, slashing his face Variety Is Our Business - - 'Friendly Service" Is Our Motto DOUCETTE'S Variety Store STOP IN FOR A FRESH CUP OF COFFEE, AND BROWSE Groceries * Frozen Food * Snacks * Household Items Fresh Baked Goods * Health Care Products * Cosmetics Clothing * Videos * Greeting Cards * Film * Magazines Comic Books * Pocket Novels * Tourist Information 7 DAYS A WEEK x 8 A.M. TO 10 P.M. INGONISH BEACH on the Cabot Trail ?? i Czpt firtton Weleome To Your Home Aivay From HomeS Our Bed and Breakfast program enables you to stay with Cape Breton families and experience the Island's famous hospitality first hand. Look for our welcoming signs all across the Island: in coastal fishing villages, in the scenic highlands, close to beaches, museums and shopping. We invite you to come and make new friends, explore special places, sleep soundly and enjoy home cooking. A list of Bed and Breakfast homes can be obtained at any Cape Breton Tourist Association Bureau. This project is supervised by the Cape Breton Development Corporation. More information can be obtained by writing: P. O. Box 1750, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada BIP 6T7 Attention: Ray Peters. Cape Breton Bed and Breakfast WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME AWAY FROM HOME! and tearing aside his lower jaw and ripping out his throat, crazed with blood-lust or duty or per? haps starvation. The cu mor glas turned on them in her own savagery, slashing and snarling and, it seemed, crazed by their mistake; driving them bloodied and yelping before her, back over the brow of the hill where they vanished from sight but could still be heard screaming in the distance. It all took perhaps little more than a minute. The man's two sons, who were still in the boat and had witnessed it all, ran sobbing through the salt water to where their mauled and mangled father lay; but there was little they could do other than hold his warm and bloodied hands for a few brief mom? ents. Although his eyes "lived" for a small frac? tion of time, he could not speak to them because his face and throat had been torn away, and of course there was nothing they could do except to hold and be held tightly until that too slipped a- way and his eyes glazed over and they could no longer feel his hands holding theirs. The storm in? creased and they could not get home and so they were forced to spend the night huddled beside their father's body. They were afraid to try to carry the body to the rocking boat because he was so heavy and they were afraid that they might lose even what little of him remained and they were a- fraid also, huddled on the rocks, that the dogs might return. But they did not return at all and there was no sound from them, no sound at all, on? ly the moaning of the wind and the washing of the water on the rocks. In the morning they debated whether they should try to take his body with them or whether they should leave it and return in the company of older and wiser men. But they were afraid to leave it un? attended and felt that the time needed to cover it with protective rocks would be better spent in try? ing to get across to their home shore. For a while 'ONE OF THE FOREMOST MUSEUMS IN NOVA SCOTIA' Visit an Underground Coal Mine The Miners' Museum Glace Bay, N. 8. Bring your family to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of touring an actual Coal Mine with a retired miner as your guide. After touring Museum and Mine, visit the well-stocked Gift Shop and the Miners' Village Restaurant on the same 15-acre site located just one mile from downtown Glace Bay. HOURS Museum and Miners' Village 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Daily , Except Tuesday: 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. June 9 until September 5 Inquire about Tuesday Concerts with "Men of the Deeps" The Miners' Museum Welcomes Group Tours and Is Open Year Round For Information about Fall and Winter Hours PHONE (902) 849-4522
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