Page 40 - A Talk with Marie MacLellan, Pianist
ISSUE : Issue 42
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1
Traditional Strathspey and Reel According to Marie, the first time she heard this strathspey was by her father. Big Ronald. Here it is based on a tape of Donald playing at a house party in the middle 1970s. It doesn't appear like this in any collections or recordings. There's a similar tune in Francis Collinson's The National Music of Scotland, which relates to a Hebridean song. For the reel, the title "Port Mabou" (Gaelic for "Mabou Tune") was used at the Glendale Festival in 1975. It was on a Five MacDonalds LP, with two parts, called "Glenadale Lasses." Pianist Doug MacPhee recorded it recently as "Effie's Big Coat." The setting given here has two previously unpublished variations off a house-party tape of Donald MacLellan. ' ' ' '' Strathspey Reel 's 's I' r;r ??[ • ? f m P m p 'f i[fr [uLriro-'''''< P dm m it M 'ir c/LnJir tf' ''i'r liuI[[u' 'ir [Tlh/i'-P'' 'h' [m'lis' tt'if'.', Itiifpfrr P'if, Irly%Ml' • ''|'|[:D['fto "'' m Our thanks to Paul Cranford, who transcribed and talked briefly about these tunes. The transcriptions are based on tapes and records by Theresa, Donald, and Marie MacLellan. Our thanks also to Allister MacGillivary for supplying us with photos of Big Ronald, Theresa, and Donald MacLellan, and of Joe MacLellan's 1930 award. These first appeared in his book The Cape Breton Fiddler. To Order Cassette Tape: "''P' • ''t'5?!] Tp'"'?'' Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs Dan R. MacDonald Donald MacLellan Theresa MacLellan Dan Joe Maclnnis Johnny Wilmot on Early LPs' '''"'"" Cost of the Cassette Tape: '' • • • ?' Nova Scotia I Rest of Canada I Outside Canada $7.70 I $7.00 I $8.00 ??IP This one-hour cassette tape contains 20 separate medleys by violinists Dan R. MacDonald, Dan Joe Maclnnis, Donald MacLellan, Theresa MacLellan, and Johnny Wilmot, and their accompanists. Except for 3 selections, it has been made from the original studio masters of long-playing records made by these musicians in the 1950s and '60s. The sound quality of these rare studio performances ranges from good to yery good. This cassette is available only by writing to Cape Breton's Magazine, and will not be in stores. You may also order Issue 41, which includes com? ments on the tunes on the tape, and transcriptions based on 7 of the tunes. Issue 41 costs $2.25. Send cheque or money order to CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOC IHO The only key to trouble-tree and long car life is regular and careful maintenance, maintenance • solely of European cars • has been our occupation. If you don't wish to maintain your car, neither do wel! ' If you do, we'd like to help!! For over 23 years. If you do, we'd like to n EUROCAR SERVICE LTD. 649 WESTMOUNT ROAD SYDNEY 564-9721 LeBlanc Siding Ltd. • be estimates We Install Authorized Dealer for ICAYCAN Aluminum & Vinyl Siding margaree windows Aluminum Windows & Doors - Shutters Softfit - Fascia - Awnings Professional installation of Aluminum & Vinyl Siding in Cape Breton County for over 10 years. Free Estimates for R.R.A.P., N.S.H.C, & C.M.H.C. Programs and all other siding inquiries. Call collect: SONNY MacPHERSON (40) 109 Reservoir Road Sydney 539-4626
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