Page 68 - With Archie Neil Chisholm or Margaree Forks
ISSUE : Issue 42
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1
seph du Moine. I left school on Easter Thursday evening. And that was in the days when they had a full week. I hadn't taken a drink for quite a few weeks. And I de? cided, I've just got to have it--no more school for 7 or 8 days. So I went on a bad one. And I was travelling around with the same guy all the time. We weren't sleeping. We were just going from house to house, bootlegger to bootlegger, liquor store or anything. And I came home and I was broke. I didn't come home--I went to my boarding house--and the man with whom I was board? ing said, "Archie Neil, come on in the house. You're in pretty bad shape." And I said, "I know, Thomas," I said, "I won't. I don't want your wife, Adele, to see me like this," And Thomas said, "Adele--you have her worried worse than your mother. She sees you going by, and she likes you. And she said you've never done anything in the house, or said anything that was out of the way. You've always managed to get to your room. Come on in. I'll tell you what I'll do. If you will stay home, I'll get you two quarts." I went up to the house, and I said hello to Adele, and I walked--I was able, navi- VOLUME ONE BOOKSTORE Port Hawkesbury Centre Port Hawkesbury, N.S. BOE 2V0 Paperbacks * Hardcover Books * Newspapers Magazines * Local Interest Titles * Art Supplies TRY OUR PHONE AND MAIL ORDER SERVICES 625-1514 gating okay with a cane, just a cane. I had dispensed with the crutches in 1927 and started using a cane. And I got that I could walk very well with it. And the idea was to get me off the road. By gosh, he brought the two quarts up to my room. And I said, "I'm broke, Thomas." I said, "I'll pay you when I come out of this." And I started to drink alone. I had the couple of bottles of rum, and I was drinking alone in my bedroom. All of a sudden I put my hand in my pocket--they had a little store downstairs, and I was going to get some cigarettes. And I didn't have a cent, not one penny in my pocket. And I thought to myself, Here I'm 43 years old, and I've worked since I was 19, and I didn't have the price of a package of ciga? rettes. And the strangest thing about it was--you may think this is crazy--but I had drunk myself sober rather than drunk. I was drinking, drinking, just all alone, straight out of the bottle. And then all of a sudden this hit me, and I said to my? self, "This is it. I'm going to quit." There was a full one and a half a one there. And I took the half a quart. The window was up, and I threw it out the win? dow, smashed it on the rocks. And Thomas heard the smash, and he made for upstairs • He said, "What in the name of God is wrong with you?" I said, "I will never take an? other drink, Thomas." And Thomas laughed and he said, "I've heard that one before. Well, if you're never going to take anoth? er drink, I'm going to take that quart." I said, "No. Leave it there. That's going to be the fight between that quart and me-- between us," I said. Attention: If You're Looking for. a fibreglass boat navigational aids road salt trucks bagged coal briquettes fire extinguishers woodworkers metal fabricators mining equipment silver plater commercial lights wrought iron consulting engineers environmental a pistol scientists range . wholesale soft drinks dairy products drugstore items ... and more! SYDPORT (formerly Point Edward Marine & Industrial Park) has facilities for ocean? going vessels ... land ready for your custom development ,., and a strategic location. For more leasing infor? mation and a copy pf our informative booklet, INTRODUCING SYDPORT please contact... WELCOME TO INDUSTRIAL PARK Contact: Mr. A. Mombourquette, or W. Wade, Manager, Telephone: (902)564-3636 Telex: 019-35290 SYDPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK P. 0. Box 154, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada BIP 6H1 IT (68) m Check these advantages of SYDPORT: - year-round harbour access - water depths from 20 to 38 feet - 250 acres of fully- serviced land - 350 additional acres for large-scale development - new ocean industry centre - advantageous govt, assistance programs - land and buildings available for lease or sale - park is an intema? tional trade zone - skilled stevedoring workforce A proiect o?? Cape Breton Oeveiopmeni Cofporatioo
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