Page 72 - With Archie Neil Chisholm or Margaree Forks
ISSUE : Issue 42
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1
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They'd go up to where the Margaree Lodge is now, where there were good big hills. And you'd see them all gathering their caps and mittens and everything else, and going with the sled, and I had to stay home. Springtime would come, and they would be all out playing ball, and I still had to. Because it is different today. You can get a car, you can get someone to take you there and watch it at least. Even to? day I don't miss a volleyball game or a basketball game. I go to the Forks. I spent Friday evening and Saturday up there, watching them playing basketball, because I love to watch sports. (But there wasn't an effort to take you-- I mean, you could be dragged up to the top of a hill and put on a sleigh and let go?) Oh no. You didn't get that chance those days, because the young people didn't think of that. The young people just were-- I don't say they were selfish, but they just couldn't be bothered with a guy like me--that's about the size of it. Today they would make an effort. Today there's much more of an effort made to help a per? son who's crippled, than there were in those days. That's definitely so. There's a much greater chance today. (I'm interested in how you did it. I want to know how Archie Neil put his life to? gether. Literally, you were cut off at the legs quite early, and you were dragging yourself around your own home. I take it you were not just the little baby--every- body taking good care of you--they all were busy.) They were busy people. I read an awful lot. I read an awful lot. I think I'll tell you something I never told any? body else before. I realized that I was crippled. And I realized that there must be something I could do that was not going to leave me dependent on anybody. I wanted to make my own way somehow. The fiddle started it--I was picking up a few dollars. And once I got to school and got my Grade 11, I decided I was going to cut the strings from home. In those days you could get a "permissive licence." They were look? ing for teachers--South River Lake was one of the places. And with only Grade 11 and going on 19, I went, took my first trip a- way from home, I went to South River Lake and I got the school, and I taught there. Apparently I must have had a fairly good reputation as a teacher, in spite of my shortcomings, because the next year, just before that school term was out, there were three fellows--total strangers--ar? rived at my boarding house one night, and they asked me if. I would take over the Hyland Restaurant Inverness Open year round to Cape Bretoners and their friends, featuring good home cooking and seafood at its best. EAT IN 258-9914 TAKE OUT - FULLY LICENSED - (72)
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