Page 80 - Bowden Murphy: A Brief Tale
ISSUE : Issue 42
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/6/1
P-, , . - , CONTINUED FROM Bowden Iviurphy inside front cover They thought, of course, that was the last for us. Because we were the first ones that ever came out alive. But when I came up, I don't know--the blood was coming out, of my nose, out of my mouth. Oh, I felt rotten. I heard one say, "Two people killed--brothers!" And I heard one fellow whisper to the other, he said, "That fel? low must be hurt bad. The blood is coming out of his mouth and out his nose." But I heard him. (You must have thought you were finished.) I thought I was finished, oh, and what a feeling. But an3rwray, they wired out to North Sydney for a doctor to come in. He came in and he said, "Where's the fellow got struck in the back with a rock?" This rock--I was go? ing as fast as the rock was, but it caught me in the back when I hung up on this edge of the rail. I told him, I said I was pro? bably the man--I was laying out. He checked over me, and he said, "There's no broken bones." He said, "You're lucky--no broken bones." One week from that, I was back up in the quarry again. And all we were doing then was taking up the pipes for the winter. It was a steam drill they had. One of those pipes--they only weigh about 25 pounds-- they wouldn't let me pick one up! But poor Ra3miond, my brother, he had to come home, he was laid up for about 3 months. (Why would you do that work, instead of fish?) Well, it was just a change, that's all. (It wasn't for all the money you could make.) No, no, we were making nothing. See the story "Bowden Murphy: 24 Years Splitting Fish" in Issue 34 of Cape Breton's Magazine. Ashby Medical Supply We Rent, Sell & Repair Hospital Equipment: wheelchairs, commode chairs, walkers, beds, canes (WALTER'S RENTALS) 4 SHERIFF AVE., SYDNEY (562-5766) _ H. H. Marshall ilW Limited P. 0. Box 9301, Station "A" 3731 MacKintosh Street Halifax, N. S. B3K 5N5 (902) 454-8381 Atlantic Canada's Largest Distributor of Books an(j Periodicals OUR EDUCATIONAL DIVISION FEATURES OVER 5,000 TITLES: Children's Books Paperbkcks for High Schools, Elementary Schools 6e Colleges Branches in Sydney, N. S. (902) 539-3220 St. John's, Nfld. Charlottetown, P. E. I. (80) HIGHLAND FLING' Shop of Interest Many exclusive items in our large selection of quality crafts & souvenirs 1 Soapstone & Wood Carvings I'''H Bluenose Models Decorative Butterflies Leathercraft & Moccasins Paintings, Prints & Cards Handknit Sweaters - Carved Lamps PRODUCTS BY Kodak Take your memories home on Kodak film PLEASANT BAY -THE JEWEL OF THE CABOT TRAIL' Cape Breton Tours operated by Briands Cabs Ltd DISCOVER THE-BEAUTY OF CAPE BRETON! Cabot Trail Fortress Cape Breton Louisbourg Highlands Miners' Museum 564-6200 24 Kings Rd., Sydney Taxi Fleet Limousi Th ne Service fE# [1 • ' 24 Ky'y- HOURS ' - Airport Service Parcel Pickups 1 FLEET U' 'y'U''' EVERY / DAY
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