Page 4 - Isabel Bartlett Remembers George
ISSUE : Issue 43
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/8/1
to goodness they'd have him back for a ser? vice. And there was somebody from England, a writer for a paper that published good sermons from here, there and all. And they published his sermon, and he never even knew the people were there. He got quite a bit of people calling about it. Anyhow, when Chamberlain went and gave away Czech? oslovakia to Hitler, the Sudetenland and all that sort of stuff (1938). We used to have church twice a Sunday then. I remem? ber in the evening service, he said every? one was thanking God for peace, but he prayed God we hadn't purchased our peace at the expense of other people's freedom. Boy, the fat was in the fire! I mean, he had a hard time in Baddeck after that. They were watching him. When the war broke out. Years later he told me that the Moun? ties were even taking notes on what he was s aying. And just about two weeks ago--you've heard of Dr. Robert McClure, I imagine--he was the first layman who was Moderator of the United Church in Canada. He was quite a rebel. He was a doctor. He had been bom in China, and he got his education. Well, he was preaching in Sydney two weeks ago, and it was a dream of my life, and I got down and I heard him. He's 84 years old, and he couldn't be more modem. I had to laugh. He was talking about these people starving, and needed to get a new source of food. Somebody said, "We should send them a thousand bibles." He said, "That's all right, if you make them of rice paper and tell them how to cook them!" Allison Fraser and Nelson MacDonald were something in the same mold. Although Al- Smuq (A 'Bdmiml Join us for dinner- newly expanded and completely renova Cape Breton's finest! Enjoy the finest Chinese food in a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere Our new facilities include: seating for 160 guests with private rooms for parties of 25 to 60 people Our new menu features Cantonese Szechwan Polynesian and Canadian dishes Special Menu Service for staff parties & banquets. We would be pleased to discuss your needs and arrange a special menu to suit your budget. For consultation & reservation, phone 539-7775 Why not plan your next party at the Peking? :4) lison Fraser was very much milder. I con? sider it a great thing that I was able to have contact with those two men. I didn't have very much contact with Nelson MacDon? ald, only through Allison Fraser. (Why would they share these things with you?) Well, I worked at the manse when they had the baby. I was finished with school. So I went and I worked there, looked after the baby, and the second baby. And he let me go in his library and use it, look at his books. And we always had a won? derful library in Baddeck. I always got books out every Saturday night, and had them all read before I went to school Mon? day. Really good books, you know. We were awfully lucky, living in a little place like this, to have that. (And Allison Fraser--was he fired from his position because of his ideas?) He wasn't fired. But it was made so difficult for him that he left. You know, when ministers get a call, it's always to a place that pays them more. He went to a place that paid him less! (So you found the town you grew up in a little conservative.) Yes, in a lot of ways. But in another way, we had contact with the people coming to Beinn Bhreagh. And there would be famous people speaking, and we always had a chance to go. We weren't divided into classes so that I wasn't allowed to go, even though I didn't have a good dress, and all that. So I think we were very fortunate, in lots of ways. And I was very fortunate--my mother and father would let me read any book that ever was in the library. I could take it home. And yet I was a terrible old maid, I was terribly moral--I missed an awful lot. I'm not so sorry for things I did, but lots of things I didn't do! Don't print that! Actu? ally, I don't care about whether you do or not, that, because it's the truth. You know, I missed an awful lot by being too careful. (Although you had ideas about freedom, democracy, and peace....) I was a terrible moralistic person. I wouldn't HortZ Rent a Car 1430 Gaorge St. Sydney, N.S. Sydney Airport 24 HOUR SERVICE - 7 DAYS A WEEK 539-1538 539-5623 * Specializing in all makes of cars, trucks, 4-wheel drives, and passenger vans.j • Local pickup and delivery. To rMsrv* a car anywhar* , in tlM world, caH Toll Fraa 1-800-268*1311 ' The*l way to rent acar''F Henz mux Prvdi and alh? fine or: '?? ' H?mreaBFDidi?ndod>cffu>ec?is;
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