Page 13 - How to Make Ceann Groppi
ISSUE : Issue 8
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1
To the livers add one to one and a half teaspoons of salt. Put two teaspoons of salt into the boiling water. And put a teaspoon of pepper into the livers. Sprinkle on top of the livers 3/4 cup of white flour, one cup of corn meal and (to start with) two cups of rolled oats. Mix thoroughly with a large wooden spoon. If it seems too soft and runny, add more oatmeal. You don't want the mixture too dry but you don't want it so thin it'll come out of the head. Now fill the head through the mouth. Pry open the mouth and grip the head with a thumb and forefinger one in each eye • this will keep the mouth open. Once the head is stuffed put it in the boiling salted wa? ter. And if you have any filling left over, put it in a cloth (a piece of white sheet or flour bag) and put it in the pot with the head. The water doesn't have to actually cover the head. The steam will cook it in a covered pot. Boilfor an hour. YoiTc'an serve it right from the pot or cool it in the refrigerator first. The taste is stronger when it's hot. Sadie said that you can freeze them. "You can't freeze livers very well, but if it's made up as Ceann Groppi it'll keep well in the freezer. We ate one this spring that was put in the freezer last fall • didn't know it was there till I came across it • 'just let it thaw .by itself. I don't believe you could warm them in hot water again. I guess you could warm it in the oven. We ate it cold. It was just as good as fresh," HIti '9 ?? ''' ??r''Rii; ''IK'H. '''''''H'V''' 'HB / - ??'''''''H i 'pv'H' ' 1' 'cm '% ' i J 'Wm f% : 1' 4 ' ? i f jhF ''BMiiite>t'' '''''''%. HJ''KS''''' 1 i Cape Breton's Magazine/13 6 OACH Bexeies, Cfc
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