Page 20 - Searching for the Highlands National Park, 1934
ISSUE : Issue 43
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/8/1
Apart from the scenic attractions of the Park site itself, the -approaches to the site pass through scenery which is already internationally famous. More-over, a tour? ist entering Cape Breton Island to visit the Park site can travel all around the Is? land, on roads which are all scenic and which include many points of outstanding interest, without having to cover one foot of the road twice. (Cautley then mentions a number of places of beauty on Cape Breton which are outside the proposed Park site. He explains that these routes) may be considered somewhat irrelevant in this report, but the fact is that the Cape Breton site is almost entire? ly an automobile scenic route and must be judged accordingly. As a scenic route for motoring tourists, its attractions and drawing power are inter-related to all the other scenic attractions of Cape Breton Island. The geographical position of the Cape Bret? on Site in relation to the rest of Nova Scotia is excellent. Situated at the ex? treme northerly end of Cape Breton Island, it means that every visitor to the Park will have to travel twice through the length and breadth of the whole Province, and will greatly benefit the general tour? ist business of the Province. Considered from another angle, the geo? graphical position of the site has the dis? advantages of being rather far from the most densely populated centers, although the motoring public appear to do more long? distance travelling every year and to think less of it.,.. Game and Fish Resources of Proposed Site At the present time, there are a number of whitetail deer within the site, but very few moose and no cariboo. I am informed by a number of people who are in a position to know the facts, that there V7ere great numbers of both moose and cariboo through? out the north end of the Island. I have been given a copy of part of an up? dated letter from A. C. Dodd to Lord Shef? field describing the natural resources of the "Island of Cape Breton" in which the following occurs under the heading of "Animals": In the year 1789 upwards of 10,000 moose were killed by Indians and foreign hunters, merely for their skins and the carcasses left to rot in the woods. They are now scarce. In 1787 I saw upwards of 2,000 caribou on the barrens of Gabarus. Hare, or.rather rabbits; fox, black, grey, red or patch; bear, very large I saw one said to weigh 1,200 pounds. Otter, beaver, martin, mink. Musquash, por- cupine, wildcat, the wolf is nearly exterminated. .STOP AT DINO'S fresh baked goods * souvenirs magazines * film * charcoal gifts * novels * camp fuel * ice Ingonish STAY AT One Stop Store & Restaurant DINO'S Trailer Park Laundromat * close to the National Park Ingonish Stop Smoking ~ Once and for All! Your local LUNG ASSOCIATION is offering courses and clinics designed to help you KICK THE HABIT. FREEDOM FROM SMOKING IN TWENTY DAYS consists of two easy-to-read manuals which guide you through a detailed, step-by- step method of QUITTING SMOKING. COUNTDOWN is a new program which com? bines the self- help method with group setting. In 7 sessions, over 5 weeks, you can free yourself of the habit of a life? time. For more information about these or other programs provided by the LUNG ASSOCIATION call or write: (20) t 106 Townsend St. Sydney, N. S. BIP 5E1 539-1923 THE r LUNG ASSOCIATION WeNowHave The Fireplaces By Vermont Castings: Whether you are planning to add the magic of a fireplace t the decorating scheme of your home, or looking for America's best airtight heater, the FirePlaces by Vermont Castings are what you want. And we're the place to find them. The Defiant?, the Vigilant?, the Resolute?, the Intrepid?, and the FirePlace Insert'" give you the elegance of fine furniture combined with the efficiency of America's best airtight heaters. Come in and see the FirePlaces. We'll be glad to answer all your questions and help you choose the size that's just right for your home. S&D; SMITH 'SSSk?? SYDNEY CENIRAL 87 Industrial Drive SUPPUES ''' ?''' L I M f T E D
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