Page 66 - With Lexie O'Hare, Big Intervale (Part Two)
ISSUE : Issue 43
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1986/8/1
Years before that Italians lived there and they had grapevines. And the maple trees were full of grapes. And we had to get long ladders and with buckets--and I'm telling you, we had Concord grapes, up in those trees, The fence had all been ripped away but there were enough vines left so that they hooked onto the trees. And I had 15 Mcintosh apple trees and I had about 10 peaches. (Wonderful farm.) Wasn't it? Was it any wonder it took my eye when I went there? (And did you ever have any naps or rests during that time--or just work, work, work?) No, I never napped. I hooked, I made rugs. And then there was a factory from Springfield came, they wanted to hire me for my designs--but I wouldn't. And you know, there was a brook at the back door, the dining room door, and it went down to a bunch of pine, and there was a little wa- terfall--and there's where all the people who visited me wanted to go. And somebody gave me two geese--the dog looked after them, my good dog--and my brother's two sons made a pond. They got three days off apiece. And they built this beautiful pond and they put the geese on there. And the geese laid eggs--and finally, I had 12 geese. Then somebody brought me guinea hens. Well, they'd nest in the trees at night. And you know, if anything moved they let an ungodly seream--they're the best dogs there are.... (Well, I've had you talk for hours, two days now.) I couldn't sleep last night • You know, I could close my eyes and go through every bit of that land and house. And two years ago this gentleman came to see me, and I didn't know him. Told me his name was Curtis. Said, "I'm from New Hamp? shire." When he was going, I went out to the truck. He said, "I came by to tell you that I went by your farm--and there's noth? ing left but a pile of ashes where the house was." We always said we'd go up to New Hampshire and take a look at the farm-- but somehow we never did. And from the time I left there, I never went back. Our thanks to Pam Newton, Point Edward, who first suggested we talk to Lexie O'Hare, and to Anne Comfort Morrell for her help in preparing this article. Part One of Lexie O'Hare's Story Is in Issue 42 Whale Cruises Capt. Bill Crawford, Cheticamp Boat Tours. P. 0. Box 10. Grand Etang, N. S. (902)'224-3376 Incredible food! Incredible view! This outstanding restaurant offers LIVE LOBSTER from their own pound. Or you may want to enjoy a steak or chowder on the deck overlooking the Highlands and only a 5 minute walk to historic St. Ann's Gaelic College. EXIT 11 SOUTH HAVEN on the Cabot Trail att' mm St. Ann's Harbour, Cape Br>ton I Nova Scotia BOE IBO Phone (902)295-3100 Good Summer Wishes from the Staff of J. R. RAHEY to Cape Bretoners and Their Friends For Gifts and Home Selections • Remember: Rahey's Jewellery Store Sydney Mines Tel. 736-6150 RAHEY'S FURNITURE STORES 1095 Kings Road Sydney River Phone 562-2500 Main Street Sydney Mines Phone 736-9442 Commercial Street North Sydney Phone 794-7913 (66)
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