Page 10 - On the Road to the Canada Winter Games
ISSUE : Issue 44
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1
And instead of coming down v/ith him, you throw him in the air and you let him go. And he slams down without any control so that he could really hurt himself. That's not acceptable. You have to have one knee come down on the mat, so that you're con? trolling him. You have to show control, or they won't give you the points. And if you did try to hurt him, and they knew it-- it'd be illegal, and they'd stop and give you a caution, I think 3 cautions maximum, and you're disqualified. And you lose the match, no matter what. Sometimes it is an accident--you get so aggressive that you do it, and you don't mean it. But they still caution you. That's the thing, you've got to be careful. When you wrestle, the first thing you do, you have to feel your wrestler out. Like if you think he's strong up top. You sort of shake him a little, see if he's sturdy or strong. If he has big legs, and maybe he's weak up top, you'd probably try to keep with the upper body. But if he was really heavy up top, you'd probably want to go for the legs. See, it varies in your wrestlers. It's counters, and re-counters. Say you take his arm. But he'll do something to stop you. And then you know that he's go? ing to do this, so you use his counter to do another move. That's for every move. You have to have counters and re-counters. I used to be over-aggressive, I used to be really tense. It's harder to strain your muscles and wrestle than it is to be loose and wrestle. When you're loose and wrestle, then you have more energy that's saved. Most of our wrestlers here are very tense like that. We're so aggressive we get tense. Andjwhen you wrestle, by the end of VICTORIA COUNTY welcomes you to the Canada Winter Games- Jeux Canada Games '87 Uawr?nce Bay Jeux Canada Games'87S8l'l'S' A Host County for the Winter Games (10) ''ClAD MILE FAILTE'' One Hundred Thousand Wefcomes VICTORIA COUNTY The Warden, Councilors and Residents Take time to meet the people of Victoria County. And Plan to Return for Summer 1987 We invite you to make Victoria County the centre of your Cape Breton summer holiday. Hiking, swimming, and golfing--motels or camping-- music and dance--Victoria County is a world to explore. The Cabot Trail. The 1987 National Hobie Cat Championships. The Gathering of the Clans. And Victoria County is an excellent base from which to reach all other parts of Cape Breton Island. Enjoy Victoria County • We Do!
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