Page 21 - Ulysses LeLievre and his Boats
ISSUE : Issue 8
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1
Maybe you won't believe it, but to build one of those boats it takes about 250 feet of lumber, allowing for the waste • all the different cuts and angles of wood. The wood that I build with came from the old church here in Cheticamp, The main doors of a church built 150 or 160 years ago. It was where the cemetery is now. It was not the first church that was here. The first one of all was log. It was the first stone church. The wood is pine and I don't think it came from Cape Breton, I don't think we have this kind. Some of my wood comes from the shore, I've found teakwood, rosewood, mahogany hard and soft. When you build a boat, you only know after you build it • when you sail it • the mistake you made, I sail these, 1 have to put in a- bout 25 pounds ballast. They sail like ducks. The boats in the pictures are a Viking ship. John Cabot's "Mathew." and Jacques Cartier's "La Grande Hermine." (Eam?0 Atttuiittfl $c Art 238 Charlotte Street Sydneyf Nova Scotia Phone 539-6333 Koolex Kleaners CANADA'S FINEST DRY CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDERERS PICK-UP and DELIVERY 804 Victoria Rd, 562-4445 George St. 562-5246 Charlotte St. 564-6477 K-Mart 564-6388 Located on the Scenic Harbour in Sydney Isle Royale Motor Hotel & Motel HOTEL 564-4511 MOTEL 564-4567 "Setting a Royal Standard for food and comfort" Licensed 258-9909 Hyland Restaurant & Motel in Inverness 4 Miles East of the Causeway on Route 4 Causeway Shopping Centre All Services Available for your Shopping Convenience CERAMICS WOODWORKING V'EAVINS Island Crafts Wholesale and Retail ALL ITEMS MADE IN CAPE BRETON 320 Commercial Street, North Sydney 794-3355 H00KIN3 KNITTING CROTCHETING Cape Breton's Magazine/2l Coc??' k?
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