Page 19 - Folk Mapping: Cape Breton Examples
ISSUE : Issue 44
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1
the two close-up neighbourhood drawings seem to suggest thinking and rethinking, just as we'd revise a written paragraph. These drawings may be the work of an older Hugh MacDonald remembering home. It may be a young man recording something before he sails, something he may never see again. It may be the merchant, Hugh MacKinnon, re? cording a business transaction. It may be something altogether different. But some? one chose to draw their neighbourhood and their island. And these examples of Folk Mapping have come down to us. To make of them what we can. ,,?-l' '' .#..:. /''... (S' .-''..' *'' Our thanks to James St. Clair who provided copies of the maps shown and shared his thoughts to date re? garding them. We ask our readers to let us know of any other similar items they have, or have seen • early mapping of Cape Breton, a farm plan showing fields or buildings and perhaps the names of fields, sailing vessels • any kind of drawn record of early Cape Breton. Please write and let us know what you have. (19)
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