Page 23 - The Great Falls on Indian Brook, 1890
ISSUE : Issue 8
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1
to see this beautiful, hidden spot. And then something akin to shame for my own race came into my mind. The Falls on the Eel Brook If man came here, would he not destroy? His foot would trample, his hand deface, and finally he would cut down the firs, blast out the rock, choke the salmon with sawdust, and leave the glen to fire and the briers which follow flame. It is always so;those of us who love nature and the beautiful are only the few, sure to be thrust aside by the many who value bread or riches higher tlTan the fair earth's bloom. Leaving the cascade, I climbed the hill over which it fell, until I reached a level terrace about two hundred feet above the river bed. There was no path here, so I simply pushed on northward, following the general direction of the gorge, and listen? ing for the heavy rumble of Indian Brook Falls. The forest through which I was walk? ing closely resembled northern New Hampshire timber. Here were white spruces with long, slender, light-colored cones pointing down? wards; black spruces with dark cones, also pendent; balsam firs with erect purplish cones; hemlocks, pines, yellow birches, big, clean-limbed beeches, a few maples and pop? lars, and the mountain ash. I saw juniper, but no hobblebush. Hastening through the dimly lighted vistas. ALLIED VAN LINES Moffatt Bros. Ltd. Moving and Storage Sydney 564-4538 CO-OP Building Sufipiies and Harbour Homes • your best Cape Breton Source of PRE-ASSEMBLED HOMES and COHAGES • Complete stocks of lumber, building supplies. Plumbing, Heating and Electrical materials. We cater to the building public CO-OP J ACOBSON'S LADIES WEAR LTD.! and Charlotte Street, Sydney Phone (.902> 794-7251 Cable BRENNANS Telex 019-35149 Night & Holiday 736-8479 794-3178 ...... Brennans MM Travel Agency 'mit' PURVES STREET, NORTH SYDNEY STEAMSHIP • AIRLINE • RAIL AND HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS UO-DP BUILDING SUPPLIES Kings Road, Sydney 539-6410 Station St??, Port Hawkesbury 625-2600 Operated by Maritime Co-operative Services Ud. Building Supplies "The Home Care Centre" Welton Street Dial: 564-5518 Cape Breton's HuLTine/23 yo
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