Page 64 - Neil A. MacKinnon of Rear Beaver Cove
ISSUE : Issue 44
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1
came,* it changed everything. And then of course, the older people got old, we got big, and decided to leave that place. That's the last that I lived in there, when I left in 1912, I only used to visit after that. It wasn't so bad till the railroad came through. And when people along the rail? road got work on the section--they were farmers--they used to get the Rear people, where I lived and way beyond, to come in and do the farm work for them. And of course, some of them were only paid in-- maybe if you were short of potatoes or something like that, they'd pay you in (that)--not in cash. That's the way, you see, the people in The Rear were set up to serve those people that had the railroad work. (Why didn't people from The Rear work on the railroad?) They'd just give them the spare time. If they were short, you know, they'd give The Rear people a shift. (Why did they not usually give it to them?) Be? cause they wanted them to work for them- selves--the farmers. When the railroad came through. The Rear end was doomed. They had to leave because there was no solution for them. (None of the houses are standing, are they?) No, no, there's none of the houses, I don't think. Our house is gone. I planted a tree there. Balm of Gilead tree. It was a little sprig, about up as far as the lights there (about 4, 5 feet), little striped thing. I planted that, I think it was 1910 or something. And that grew and grew and grew.' And the last time that I saw that tree, it was after decaying. The top of it, a piece of it after dropping off. It was after growing up about 30 or 40 feet. And I planted it just below the front door there a little bit, in line with the other trees. I was often looking at that. Now, my God, it's after going-- an old dead tree now. CONSOL-TECHNOLOGYsALEs & service-limited 420 GATEWAY AVENUE, SUITE B. • SYDPORT INDUSTRIAL PK, RO. BOX 394, SYDNEY, N.S. B1P 6H2 A COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT, SUPPLIES, AND FURNITURE SOME OF THE PRODUCTS WE FEATURE OLIVETTI Electronic Typewriters, Word Processors & Computers HUGIN-SWEDA Cash Register Systems Phone 562-6150 "We Service What We Sell" (64)
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