Page 27 - Cleve Townsend of Louisbourg
ISSUE : Issue 8
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1
a time getting that rope off my ankle. And then I saw him, under the water. "I warned you." Forever after that I never went against them. I saw him again. I don't think he had a name. In our home my father had what you would call a basement; well I would call it a cellar. A grand cellar. Nothing would freeze there. And my uncle, he had nothing. The house was on the ground. He had nowhere to put his apples so he brought them here and put them in our cellar. My sister I think it was said, "Why don't you go down and get us a couple of apples." Steal them, see? "Yes, I will." I went down and got a couple of apples. The boy stood in front of me. "Back." I put the apples back damn quick too. I came up. "Where's the apples?" I said the boy came and told me to put them back and that's where I put them. She said I was crazy. I said, "Maybe, but if you want the apples you go get them yourself. I don't think I saw much of him after that. (Were you ever frightened by this gift?) I remember I got a little worried that way first time I ever left home, first time I went to Toronto. I was in a restaurant and I was sitting down at a table with another man. He said to me, "Are you a spiritual? ist?" I said, "No." "Did you ever go to a spiritualist meeting?" "No." "Well, lis? ten, there's an awful lot of people around you, from the other world • that's why I asked you. Will you come with me Saturday night to a spiritualist meeting?" I said, "Yes, if they don't switch off the lights." "They won't switch off the lights." I said, "I'll go." Vlho was the first one to come to me, was my father. He had passed on years before that. There was a man sitting close to me and he said, "Your father is gone from this world. I'm going to tell you something about him. If I'm wrong you tell me," He said, "I can see where he fell. It looks like a heart attack, I believe he fell over a stove." I said, "Yes, he did." "He fell again here, close by. And the Cards for All Occasions The Card Shoppe Sydney Shopping Centre INGONISH Deervale Cottages Phone 285-0073 A Neighborhood Store in a Beautiful Village Neil's Harbour 7 Days a Week On the Cabot Trail Maclnnes ESSO INDIAN BROOK CO-OP 'Se seillean a'phosas daoine ri lusan Flemming's Honey Truro and Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia Qualified Dispensers Always in Attendance OWL DRUG STORE D. I. MacDonald, Propo Your Northside DOROTHY GRAY DISTRIBUTOR Convalescent and Sick Room Supplies Sales & Rental Drug Sundries and Cosmetics P.O.Box 125 794-3611 North Sydney ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE CHICKEN CHALET fried 4 outlets to serve you- Blowen St, North Sydney Sydney Shopping Centre, Prince St Sterling Road, Glace Bay CB. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River 794-3534 564-6321 849-6689 564-6646 Cape Breton*s Magazine/27
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