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ISSUE : Issue 44
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1
Visit Rural and Industrial GAPE BRETON COUNTY A Host County for the 1987 Winter Games! Jeux Canada Games '87 Cape Breton County is an excellent base for your visit to Cape Breton Island, anytime. Drive or hike beside our rivers, lakes, or seacoast. And accept this invitation to join us in February, 1987, when more than 3,000 athletes will gather to participate in and enjoy the spectacle of the Jeux Canada Games, the 1987 Winter Games. The Jeux Canada Games will be complemented by cultural and social programs unsurpassed on the North American continent. It's all part of Cape Breton County--a county to explore all year 'round. /Jf'er SPANISH 'Pjvnt BAY Sydney ' 'Mines??p> New Waterford . '/ / VtcToria _> INDIAN BAY Sydney / Ow'Dornnon IGlace Bay Reserve, -'-''- Mines '?est.o • nt-i,># Sydney ''l'' co. MorienX ''Y Sydney River If you miss Cape Breton County- you've missed Cape Breton! For more information contact: Mr. J. Cunningham, Executive Director, CAPE BRETON JOINT EXPENDITURE BOARD, c/o County Administration Bldg., 865 Grand Lake Rd., Sydney, N. S. BIP 6W2 TELEPHONE 1-902-564-5541
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