Page 88 - On the Road to the Canada Winter (Part 2)
ISSUE : Issue 44
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/1/1
It's an art, exactly. It's an art. And you have to be able to execute all your combin? ations. It's not just one big punch. You have to know what each punch is, and how to throw it. And you have to be able to move, too, and know how to miss a punch. That's boxing. (Are the Winter Games important to you com? pared to some of the other fights you've had?) Yeah, they are the most important things so far. Because--I think it's al? most like, all of Canada's watching. And you've got so many sports combined--it's not just like a single championship of a single sport. It's going to be like a min? iature Olympics, really. (And it's going to be on your home turf • ) My home turf, yeah. It's going to put a little bit of pressure on me, but at the same time it's going to make me feel good, too, to know I'm going to win the gold med? al home. It's about time to win it. I might as well do it now! Basketball Scott Borden, Whitney Pier: (Is basketball your mam sport now?) Yeah. I play intra- murals, but basketball's the only varsity sport I play. (Did you play street ball, growing up?) Not really. I just played in junior high, high school, and then I came out here (U.C.C.B.) and played. I enjoy the sport. It's the only one that really interests me. I played baseball in the summertime and all that. But basket? ball just seems a sport that I could devel? op more as a player. (What does it have for you?) It challenges me to be the best player I can, hence be? ing the best person I can, I guess. That's about all. It's hard to say. It's a very tough question. (I know. And yet, you give a lot of your life to it. You're a young man. There's only so many hours in a day. Roughly, how much of a week does basket? ball take?) Weekends. And 4 nights a week--practice time. An hour and a half, 4 to 5 days a week. Your regular games are on the weekends • (You're really working at this.) You work as a team, though. Not as individuals. You work as a team. You get your team goals. It's like a family, anyhow. Because, see, we're always together. You know what each person's like, and we try to help out each person. (So what is in it for you?) What is in it for me? Satisfaction. I've known that I can become a good player. It gives me a chance to leam. Learn about the game. And learn about yourself a lot. How you inter? act with other people, how to become a bet? ter ballplayer. (How tight is this team?) Like, we go out together. Say we're going a Friday night, we call a bunch of players, we all go out. You're together so much, you've got to be like a family. Road trips and that--you have to be close, kind of. A Warm Welcome to All the Athletes in the 1987 CANADA WINTER GAMES Jacobson's Ladies' Wear 330 CHARLOTTE STREET Jeux Canada Games'87'>''SS SYDNEY 564-8132 Jacobson's Tweed & Hickory 263 CHARLOTTE STREET SYDNEY 564-6308 Proud to Be a GOLD SPONSOR of the Jeux Canada Games '87 (88)
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