Page 13 - The Donald Rankin Family and Harness Racing
ISSUE : Issue 45
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1
So you've got to be ready to leave if he's not leaving, and you've got to be ready to take back if he's leaving. So you've got to just be watching what they're doing. (Isn't it always an advantage to get right out in front?) Not all the time. There's some horses that can't go off the front, can't go wire to wire. There's some horses that can't cut the mile themselves. They like to be tucked in and have another horse breaking the wind for them, and then just come (up) with a little rush at the end. Some more horses like the front end. You've got to know what your horse likes the best. Where to race him. Where he races the best from, and try and get him there. NOfl NOVA SCOTIA'S THIRD INTERNATIONAL GATHERING OF THE CLANS Nova Scotia is once again proud to host the International Gathering of the Clans. Come for the Gathering and enjoy the full six weeks of the Highland Heart Program. Already, 40 Clans from around the world have confirmed their attendance for Clan gatherings throughout the Province. The Highland Heart The 1987 Highland Heart Program, with the' International Gathering as its star attraction, is well and truly launched with the annual Nova Scotia Tattoo. The Highland Heart Program means that, in addition to the hundreds of events scheduled for the Gathering, you have many, many more major festivals located across Nova Scotia. Plan to enjoy as many as you can. June 27 - July 2 The Nova Scotia Tattoo and Opening Ceremonies, Halifax June 27 - July 5 Mabou Ceilidh, Mabou July 1 Gathering of the Clans and Fishermen's Regatta, Pugwash July 1, 8, 15, 22 Open House, Cape Breton Gaelic July 10-12 July 15 July 16 July 17-19 July 19 July 22-25 July 26 July 28-Aug. 2 Aug. 1 Aug. 3-8 Aug. 9 Aug. 9 Aug. 15 Aug. 16 29, Aug. 5 July 4 July 4-5 July 3 -10 July 9-12 July 10-12 July 10-12 Society, Sydney Metropolitan Scottish Festival and Highland Games, Halifax Fiddlers' Festival, lona North British Society salutes the International Gathering of the Clans, Halifax Pictou Lobster Fisheries Carnival, Pictou Antigonish Highland Games, Antigonish Judique-on-the-Floor Days, Judique (I notice when they leave, very quickly they seem to line up, and they're all right on the rail.) Well, the rail is the shortest way around. So a horse on the out? side, he's got to go so much further than the others. And he's got to cut the wind for himself. So it's a real disadvantage to be out on the outside. You'll see some fellows getting caught out. They don't usu? ally get very much; Because when they're caught out, their horse tires quicker, and he falls back in the race. (Say you've just left the gate. We'll say that you can get to the rail, but you're perhaps the 4th horse. And then right a- longside you is another horse.) Caught out. (And you would like, of course, to get to the front. How are you going to manage that?) Just sit there and wait until he goes on, and you can get out behind him and follow him. Or till he gets tired and drops back and then you've got clear sailing, pull two wide and go. (And you're counting on the horse that was first to start tiring?) Yeah. I'd say 507o of the time the horse off the front doesn't win. Or 607o of the time. Maybe even more. But you know, some of them can go the front end. Tootsie Girl likes the front end. And Mountain Jack, But as a rule they don't, you know. There's no, need of going to the front if you know it's going to take too much out of her, that she's going to let go getting home. You've got to judge that, too. You've got to be able to rate that, you know. Racing has changed a lot. Usually now, they'll start to move at the half (mile. The race is Glendale Ceilidh Days, Glendale Coal Dust Ceilidh, New Waterford Baddeck Handcraft Festival, Baddeck Whycocomagh Summer Carnival, Whycocomagh Big Pond Scottish Concert, Big Pond Festival of the Tartans, New Glasgow Broad Cove Concert, Broad Cove Chestico Days, Port Hood Highland Village Day, lona Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod and Closing Ceremonies, St. Ann's Inverness Gathering, Inverness St. Joseph du Moine Concert, St. Joseph du Moine Festival of the Forts, Annapolis Royal Annapolis Valley Highland Games, Middleton Discover the Scottish Connection In the early days. Nova Scotia was the first landfall for many emigrants from Scotland. But many continued their journeys. Today, people in other parts of Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand can all claim a Nova Scotia Scottish Connection. If you have any Scottish roots, you may be descended from one of the original 49 Scottish families who settled in Nova Scotia. The Scottish Societies Association of Nova Scotia would be happy to help you find your Nova Scotia connection. So come and discover a side of the family you may have missed. We're waiting for you with a hundred thousand welcomes. Please rush me information on the I Intemational Gathering of the Clans. Plus, details of vacation packages. Canada CLAN AFFILIATION (if appropriate or special interest) Nova Scotia Tourism, P.O. Box 130, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 2M7 Or call toll free: In Canada: 1-800-565-7166; In Continental United States: 1-800-341-6096; In Maine only: 1-800-492-0643. J2unn's Cm]Lj Shof & ART GALLERY FINE HANDCRAFTS & PAINTINGS
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