Page 32 - Cleve Townsend of Louisbourg
ISSUE : Issue 8
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1
cause this is it. You got your feet on the earth plane but your body is in eternity. Right now* Yeah. You won't see them. Unless God gives you the clairvoyant sight. I can hear them, yes. At the beginning their words are like listening to a mosquito • and after a time it increases and increases • until it's clear. And I can speak to them. That world is not a different world than the world we see. Sometimes when death comes to the physical body, the man will go over and that world is so much like this that he doesn't know where he is. He doesn't know he's out of the body and dead. And his body, his physical body is no more. But it's death of the physical body only. The inner man, inside of you, will live on. A million years. A hundred million years. There's no death, for the inner man. The inner man is what controls J ?? this body, not you. It's the inner man that's controlling everything. The fear of death, when they don't know what's ahead of them, it's tough. They don't know what they're facing, that's what makes it tough. And through religion they're going to heaven or hell. But, no sir, there's no hell. The heaven you take it with you. A beautiful plane of life over there. There's no hell over there. But of course, I'll tell you, if a man lives a pretty good life why he's gonna find over there it's really good and beautiful. But if he lives a life of sin and likes to kill or some? thing like that • his home over there will be the same as down here • black as Egypt. And he may get 100 years or 300 years of that. He's got to pay for his sins. And I don't care what church you belong to, see? The important thing for you is spiritual progression. Not religion. Religion's good in this world • but listen, when you go to the other, spiritual progression is what counts. And once you get over there, in time, me, you or anyone else, once we get over there and established, if we want to move on, out of this darkness, we can. Turn to God, in prayer. Turn to the people of the other world. Ask for help. Desire help. And you'll get it. And they'll help you. Oh, yes. There's no such a thing as leaving this world and no one over there to help you. If I would have listened to people in my own home here I wouldn't have done any of that, because I was told by people, "Don't talk like that. They'll think you're crazy." I remember great mediums in Detroit and Toronto, and they used to say, "If they think I'm crazy I want some more of it, more of that crazy stuff." And I thank God for it, I'm thankful for everything I've got and what I could do for people. Our thanks to Mrs, Cleve Townsend for her help and encouragement in preparing this article; and to Brie MacEwan who first told us about Mr, Townsend. KA.lftttmm ICth. 314 Charlotte Street SYDNEY Cape Breton's Magazine/32 6??/'oc??'Jt> Hem LOCK- • X)rmnv)'?5-l?kt PRESCR PTIONSCOSMETCSTOILETR ES.ETC. INVERNESS • PHONE 2S8-2400 • NOVA SCOTIA "Turn left at the Causeway • Route 19 • It's a lovely way to go,"
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