Page 23 - Anne Morrell, Margaree Valley "Seasons of My Life"
ISSUE : Issue 45
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1
H'''ft ttfiHHI'' H' bl Wl'#i''*'''-#'J i|wft.;-lS$er;;:v': ' ?%Vil 'l''l ("Cleaning out the barn is a chore,/ Com? pared to housework it's not a bore.") I don't like housework at all. But when you're dealing with live animals, it's a whole different thing. There is always something different and something new. You get a response. From a house, you get noth? ing- -but dirt the next day. ("Cook the meals, bake the bread./Sit down when the children are in bed."") That's the way it used to be. Work all day. I always had to do all that, all the cook? ing and baking, and then help Garry on out? side projects, and do my own work. At the end of the day, it was just like, GROAN. Get the kids to bed, and you'd say, "Oh, wow, alone at last. SNORE." ("Canriing fruits, jams and pickles ga? lore./ There's not much need to go to the store. '') ("Taking Chester for a ride/ With Pepper running along beside.") ("Picking apples under the tree./ Which tastes best? Ezra will see.") Every year we go apple-ing, and we get enough to make about--oh, we used to make about 20 or 30 gallons of cider. And maybe between 40 and 100 quarts of apple sauce. When the kids were little--Amish, at that age, was very helpful, and he'd fill buckets and bags of apples. And Ezra would just sit under the tree and eat 'em! ("Butchering time is good and bad./ It's best to think food and not be sad.") You know, when I first came (to Cape Breton) I was a vegetarian. The first sheep we had, somebody gave us a pet lamb. We raised him on a bottle. He was like a dog. He followed us everywhere, he went swim? ming with us. Every morning when I'd cross the river to get the horses--they were on an island--he'd swim across with me. A couple of times we almost lost him--he got in heavy, fast water, and then we'd go res? cue him. But he started getting us pretty mad at the end. First of all, he used to go across the road and eat her rosebushes and her tulips. She wasn't too pleased a- bout that. And then he learned how to open the house door. And if we went away, we'd come back, and he'd be in the house, a- hL Blue Heron Gift Shop vTNBOOKS, GLASSWARE, FIGURINES, WOOOENWARE, CRYSTAL fw Gifts for All Occasions '_. BAMKCK, N. S. 295-3424 CONSOL-TECHNOLOGYsALEs & service-limited 420 GATEWAY AVENUE, SUITE B. • SYDPORT INDUSTRIAL PK, P.O. BOX 394, SYDNEY, N.S. B1P 6H2 A COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT, SUPPLIES, AND FURNITURE SOME OF THE PRODUCTS WE FEATURE OLIVETTI Electronic Typewriters, Word Processors & Computers hugin-swedaI JHHL Cash A g ' -11 Phone 562-6150 'We Service What We Sell' 2.3)
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