Page 41 - Dan Angus Beaton: "Colainn gun Cheann"
ISSUE : Issue 45
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1
The Headless Body continued from page 39 his freedom. But it was up to him But it was up to him. He had his choice. The gallows. Or to go into the cave, and pipe, and tell them what he was seeing. He could go in there and pipe, and tell them on the pipes, you know--that's the only way they could hear. It gave the message outside, of everything that he was seeing. Understand? If he could get out of the cave after telling them, he'd be free. So he decided that he'd prefer the cave. So he went into the cave with the pipes, and he started his piping. This great pip? er. And he started describing. He told them all of everything (he was) seeing, so many skulls of those men that were killed, and all this thing. And then he described this Headless Woman coming towards him. And he said--I'll say it in Gaelic--"Truagh an Righ nach robh orm 's tri lamhan: da lamh anns a' phiob agus lamh anns a' chlaidh- eamh. Pity God that I didn't have three hands: two hands in the pipes and one in the sword." You know--one using the sword. When this Headless Woman was coming at him. And he was piping, telling everything. And then they heard the pipes quit, and There s no first place in the human race. give you a head start and nobody shou.
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