Page 45 - The Martells of Flint Island Light
ISSUE : Issue 45
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1
On Flint Island, left to right:Fog Station, Lighthouse, Old Lighthouse (used for stor? age). Double Dwelling House. Apparently, they saw the seals. At that time the ice, when it used to come in-- this was the 23rd of March, 1933--there used to be big seals on the ice clampers. The ice at that time sort of used to come in, and it would pack. It would form a bar? ricade around the island. But anyway, they didn't come back, and they weren't coming back. You know what kids are like: you're in the house, and you're worrying about them, and wondering. So finally we saw Dad running for the boat. We knew something happened, but we didn't know what. But it was a beautiful evening: it was calm, and the water was beautiful. But there were just three big seas came. And it just capsized the boat that Billy-- that's my oldest brother--and Ra3miond were in. And Raymond took a cramp, apparently, in his leg. He could swim, but Billy couldn't. And Billy clung to the boat. And Dad got this little canvas boat, and he got Billy. But by the time he got there, Ra5niiond was gone. (How do they know Raymond took a cramp in his leg?) Apparently, when they were-both clinging to the boat, he told Billy that he had a cramp in his leg. And then he tried to swim ashore. And I suppose he couldn't make it. Mind you, they weren't that far from the shore. But it was just something that happened. He was 15 at the time, and Billy was 17. They couldn't find him that night, an3rway. They searched. They couldn't find him. And the next day, on the shore--__ _ the northeast part of the island--there's a bank, and you go down on the shore. And there's a drop from the shore down to the water. I don't know if you've noticed, in the winter the water is clear, and you can see the bottom of the ocean. And you could see him, down at the bottom of the ocean. (Who found him?) The family--Dad, and the boys. (Port Morien) was our stopping place. When we'd come in any time, this was where we came in. We had a code. I don't know if you're familiar with lighthouses, but the light flashes so many times this way and so many times that way--like, west, east, north and south. And there's so many flashes each way. That's>regular. Until-- see, what (Dad) did, he stopped the light. And when the light is stopped, people on the mainland would know that there was something wrong. He did, he stopped it, to let them know there was something. And the Montcalm was the icebreaker at that time. And they fin? ally came out. But it must have been a Couple of days, anyway. And in the mean? time. Dad had to pack the body in ice, and make a rough box. So it was a terrible few days, anyway. (When the light would be stopped like that, what could the people at Morien do?) Well then, see, we had no communication whatso? ever to the mainland. We had just an ordin? ary radio, and it was run by battery. But DINO'S fresh baked goods * souvenirs magazines * film * charcoal gifts * novels * camp fuel * ice Ingonish STAY AT One Stop Store & Restaurant DINO'S Trailer Park Laundromat close to the National Park * Ingonish COMPLETE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES FOR CONSTRUCTION • INDUSTRY- HOME OWNERS Phone 539-0631 Miller Equipment Sales Complete Line of Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings ?? Honda Power Equipment Hand Tools, Saws, & Shovels ?? Stihl Power Saws ?? Rainwear Industrial V-Belts ?? Rope--Poly & Wirerope ?? Complete Paint Supplies 803 GRAND LAKE ROAD >' SYDNEY Sales & Service
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