Page 51 - The Martells of Flint Island Light
ISSUE : Issue 45
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/6/1
couple of hicks from the sticks. You know, like, when you come in, and when you were mingling with the other socialites of the community. (In later years, when your mother would talk about Raymond's death, did she feel that they should have left the island af? ter that?) I think, yes. But then, it's just like everything else. When it's stormy, everything is black. And then when you get sunshine, everything is beautiful, and you forget about storms. In other words, you think of the good times and for? get the bad. (I don't agree.... I don't think your mother forgot for one minute.) She didn't forget, no, no. But like I said, you put it to the back of your mind. (But then she lost another child. That was her oldest daughter?) Yes. (So what do you think? Do you still think she didn'L want to come off?) I'm sure she did. I'm sure that--poor Mum was one of those persons that--if she had an ache or a pain, she was sure she had cancer. (Do you think her background, the fact that she was one of the Home Children, and came over here--do you think that that had anything to do with her perspective on all this?) Possibly. (In what way?) Well, she II. slblY. (I a??' i' Druker Insurance Charlotte St., Sydney . . . 562-5504 Mayflower Mall 564-1818 Will IWSUKE VIRTUAllY ANY CAR. HOUSE OR BUSINESS COMPARE. rates; you could save. tJi'iu/ dtelax Phone Toll Free 1-564-6000 BUDGET PLAN AVAILABLE IN EMERGENCY: Awie Druker, F.I.I.C. 564-6615 46 MODERN UNITS Swimming Pool Air Conditioning Tour Buses Welcome Seallsland A Motel and ''' Dining Room ''''L (Licensed) 'V''A Seafood '''V our specialty '''''''Located bel ''''' Overlooki Country Living at the Seal Island Bridge 674-2418 lost her parents before she was 8 years old. That could have had something to do with it. Her sister was killed on her wed? ding day. It may have had something to do with her attitude and everything. (But we don't have any evidence of this. She never talked like that?) No. (She didn't keep a diary?) No. Not to my knowledge.... (We talked some years ago with a man who'd been 13 years on St. Paul's Island. He said they were wasted years.) As far as I'm concerned, now that's how I feel about it. It was years of my life that were wasted. And once we came off, for good, and we started realizing it, I never ever wanted to go back. Never, to this day, I've never gone back. Once we left that is? land for good, that was it. I said, it's a good place to visit, but you don't want to live there. That's about the size of it. When Raymond was drowned, we were sent to bed. And somebody said something about Ray? mond, and (my sister) said, "He's behind the door there, hiding on us." He wasn't there, because he had drowned. But she thought she saw him behind the door. It was just sort of an apprehension, is it? Just something that you think has happened, that he's there and yet he's not there. (Was this before she knew that he had been drowned?) Before she knew. (She said she saw him behind the door.) Saw him behind the door.... And we always had a fear of bats. Because it always seemed that before something hap? pened in the family, bats came in the house. This is superstition, of course. But it always seemed to happen, if a bat Located between Baddeck and Sydney Overlooking the Bras d'Or Lakes Buckling up is more than law - it's the best protection a person can have. Properly used, a seat belt can reduce the possibility of death and serious injury. However, wearing a belt incorrectly reduces its effectiveness. A seat belt worn properly should give you a secure, comfortable feeling. Keep it low and snug over the hips. The shoulder belt should be worn over the shoulder, never under the arm. RemembeT to secure your baby or toddler in a safety seat that best suits your child's age and weight. SEAT BELTS. Wear I>IUV<1 OUUUct Department of Transportation ??'(51)
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