Page 5 - With Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald
ISSUE : Issue 46
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1
hearing them say, "Damn it!" Nothing. Just gentlemen. The old captain of one of the boats would take charge of the liquor. And when one fellow got a drink, you got one, I got one--everyone got one, and it was put back there till someone would sing a song. May? be after a song or two, pass her around a- gain. That's how they distributed it. My sisters were good singers. There were two of them home at that time. And they were good dancers, stepdancers--very good. Willena played the violin. She learned to play the violin well enough to spell me off, if I wanted, at a dance. She could play well enough for a square set, you know. And they'd sing a song--Mom and Dad would sing a song. We'd have a stepdance. Maybe some of the Newfoundland fellows would stepdance. Some of those fellows are good. They'd dance the Irish style, you know. Sort of a clog dance. And my golly, some of them were pretty smooth. That's all going on in my house. In the evenings. Yes, you'd see them coming regu? lar. Yeah, that was a get-together, boy. (What a world.) Yeah, a great world. (But am I right that your only influence then, the only fiddler you were really hearing, was your father George?) Yes. We were the only musical family at White Point. There were 12 families. They were musical, but they never played--one fellow played an accordion. But nobody else played the violin. That continued up until Winston's mother, Mary Paquette Fitzgerald, with friend Willy Mac? Kinnon ;rt: Winston during World War Two. I I got old enough to go to dances on my own. And you had to be 16 or 17 then, before you'd go to a dance. I never smoked before my dad till I was 17, I guess. (Did you have music books before then?) No, never heard tell of one. (So the only tunes really were--) By ear. (And were you also playing some of the songs they were singing?) Oh yes, definitely. Dad and Mom both sang. And they'd sing together, and ouniiTv: BRETON WINDOWS 189 Townsend St., Sydney We at Breton Windows invite you to compare our "Tilt & Turn" window to any other casement for QUALITY OF WOOD -QUALITY OF HARDWARE - QUALITY OF GLASS - QUAL? ITY OF SCREEN -QUALITY OF FUNCTION - and just as important COMPARE PRICE and GUARANTEE! RAMADA OPENING NOVEMBER, 1987 Call our office and make an ap? pointment to vi? sit us with your plans or just to view. We are available nights and Saturdays. PHONE ... 539-6533 breton windows doors Sydney 's Meeting Place! 'entrally located on the waterfront near Centre 200 Convention Facility and the main business district. • 154 spacious guest rooms • Ballroom (350 capacity) • Indoor Pool & Fitness Club • Sauna & Whirlpool 300 Esplanade, Sydney Nova Scotia BIP 6J7 (902) 562-7500 ?? Two quality restaurants ?? Cocktail Lounge I Meeting Rooms rricimrxiu hx)teL
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