Page 49 - Procedure Report of Bodies Brought to Port-aux-Basques from the Ill-Fated Vessel S.S. Caribou
ISSUE : Issue 46
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1
wired the Airforce and Pay Lt Wright wired the Na? vy, and full instructions were received within two hours as to the disposal of the bodies. Upon re? ceiving these instructions, Sgt. Woodley and my? self then went to Dr. Parsons for Death Certifi? cates for the deceased Personnel. These and the personal effects were turned over to the Escorts. Pay Lt. Wright went with the Navy bodies and the Army Train Patrol went with the bodies of the Army and Airforce. Sighs of relief were heard as the trains taking the bodies to their final destina? tion pulled out of the station. Now everyone could get some sleep. We of the Service had been on duty for 24 hours, taking time out for meals only. But sleep was not our reward, because as our steps led homewards the S.S. "BURGEO"'s whistle was heard as she entered the harbor, so Sgt. Woodley and myself and the usual staff about-faced and returned to re? sume our normal duties. These completed, we re? turned to our homes, changed our clothes and at? tended the funeral of the Crew Members of the S.S "CARIBOU" whose homes were in Port Aux Basques. (Copy of report written by Able Seaman Wilson of the St. John's Nfld. Shore Patrol.) Our thanks to Glenn T. Wright, Archivist, State and Military Records, Federal Archives Division of the Public Archives of Canada, for his help in locating documents relating to the Caribou sinking and the Grandmere rescue. John Rigby supplied the snapshots of survivors and the Grandmere. Marine Atlantic sup? plied copies of the new Caribou, as well as the Public Archives of Newfoundland's photo of the first Car? ibou. Finally, our thanks to Ted Barrett for making it possible for us to cross to Newfoundland on the maiden voyage of the new Caribou, May 12, 1986. PIPER'S TRAILER COURT Featuring: Fully Licensed Dining Room * Guest House * Swimming Pool Ocean-Side Campsites * Laundromat * Mini-Mart Indian Brook on the Cabot Trail Halfway Between Baddeck and Ingonish 929-2233 (49)
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