Page 57 - Cape Breton Miners Speaking, 1888
ISSUE : Issue 46
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1
Q. Do you know the character of the company's houses; have you ever been inside of them? A. I never visited the company's houses any until today, when I made it my business to see at least one of them. I knew that there were three different rows, and that there was likely to be a difference be? tween them. I went into the first house I chanced to come to; I only went into one, and I did not pick the worst nor the best. I walked in and spoke to the woman and she gave me an idea of what the house was like, and I saw for myself. Q. How many rooms were there in it? A. There was an entry at the door where you go in; there was a kitchen and a small closet for dishes; and there was one small bedroom downstairs. She said all the stairs part was open; I did not go up to see. Q. Was it plastered upstairs? A. Yes; but it was all open. Q. Could it be used as a bedroom? A. It could in summer, but it would be too cold in win? ter. Q. Did the house seem in good repair? A. It did. Q. Do you know how many wells there are to the houses? A. There was one well near the stable and one near the store; that was all. Q. How near is the stable to the houses? A. There are two rows, known as the "French rows," near the well. There is another row called the "monkey row," a long dis- BOOKSAREA GREAT GIFT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR Cape Breton Books • A Good Selection of First-Rate Literature • A Wide Range of Books from Popular to Scholarly 361 Charlotte St., Sydney B1P 1E1 (next to the Peking Restaurant) (539-8551) tance away from it. Q. How near is the well to the stable? A. It would not be outside of 40 or 50 feet. Q. Do you think the surface water could drain into the well? A. I could not say. Q. What rent was paid for those houses? A. $1.50, as far as I know. I did not ask particularly as to the rent, but I always understood that the rent for that row was $1.50. I enquired if there was a cellar under the house, and they said no. I asked if there was any kind of a hole under the floor, and the woman showed me. It was about 18 inches deep. I asked if there was a drain and the woman said no. I looked to see for myself, and there was none. She said she had seen the water as high as the floor in the hole. I asked if they ever had sickness in the house, and she said yes, that they had been 4 weeks quarantined with diphtheria. It was in digging time. They had some potatoes in the ground that they could not dig themselves, and as no one dug them, they were lost. They were not al? lowed to go out of the house themselves. Q. How much does the company keep off for the doc? tor? A. A single man pays 500 every month, and a man with a family pays 40(/:. Q. Do you pay that whether you are working or not? A. I understand so. I did not pay for doctor or school myself. Q. How was that? A. The first 8 months I worked, I paid the doctor, and then I met with an accident; I got a pick driven through my hand, and the doctor would not attend me as I lived a mile from the col? liery. When I got well I objected to pay the doc? tor as he would not attend me. I believe the doc- CAPE BRETON AUTO RADIATOR co. radiator hoses ' repairing * cleaning * recoring complete cylinder head service 518 Grand AUTO * TRUCK * INDUSTRIAL Sydney Lake Road -we Help You Keep Your Cool" 564-6362 This fall Rudderham's Sport Shops are in the ski business! Famous names include: Salmon Rossignol Raichle K2 Tyrol A complete selection of ski clothing by: Far West Sun Ice Banff Jones Drop in this fall for a complete view of our ski department. Rudderham's Sport Shop Ltd. 2 LOCATIONS IN SYDNEY: Cape Breton Shopping Plaza 562-3666 Mayflower Mall 539-3644 WE'LL DESIGN YOUR KITCHEN FREE! • Free estimates • Free design service • Pine, Maple & Birch TOP QUALITY BEAUTYTOP COUNTERTOPS • Professional installation • 2 Year warranty • Over 75 different stain and style combinations # • ? ll%K??l'#>'' Industrial Drive SUPPUES 562.7000
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