Page 71 - A Visit with Frank & Margaret MacRae
ISSUE : Issue 46
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1
anything. But he had a cask of molasses on the load, along with the other supplies. So he took the horses out of the wagon-- the wagon had a pole between the two horses, you know--and he tied them to the back of the wagon. And he knocked the bung out of the keg of molasses and he smeared the pole_with molasses. The bear started licking the pole and eating the pole. And as he wagso going along, the pole was going down hijSn throat. Finally the pole came out on the #ther end. And he put the pin in it, and he had--the bear tied to the pole! Well, people would listen to that and laugh to kill themselves! Frank: Oh, he was great to pass time, you know. (What was D.W.'s last name?) Marga? ret: MacLeodo He lived out in West Tarbot. D.W.'d come in and he'd sit and tell stor? ies • He was as happy as a lark--there was nobody happier than he was • Anywhere • He raised his family, and they grew up, and they survived. I often tell the little story about--he used to be Santa Claus quite often. Whenev? er there'd be a Christmas concert in the schoolhouse over here or at Tarbot, D.W. would be the Santa Claus. He was the right build, I guess. He was good at doing that sort of thing, make a good Santa Claus. They'd dress him up and he'd have the fur coat on, and the mask and the whole bit. His own little girls--one year at Christ? mas time the girls were there at the con? cert, and they were sitting in a row in the front seat, waiting expectantly for Santa Claus to come. Santa Claus came in and he started giving out the gifts and saying little things to the children. And they were looking at him pretty close. They must have--they guessed who it was. I think they recognized his shoes. And they'd say one to the other, "'S e brogan Daddy a th'ann." ("He's got Daddy's shoes on.") One would say to the other, "'S e brogan Daddy a th'ann." They were disput? ing among themselves. And then he'd say, "Oh," he would say, "I have to hurry up. Feumaidh mi falbh gun a' North Pole." ("I have to go to the North Pole.") "Cha teid cas dhiot gun a' North Pole," ("Not a foot of you will go to the North Pole,") the little girls would say. "We're not going to the North Pole tonight, whoever is go? ing!" Oh well, people were getting such a kick out of the little ones. (When you came to Frank's home when you two were married, did you move in with his family?) Yes. There were 6 in the family, at home then. There were his father and his mother, and he had a crippled sister-- she had never walked. And there was a niece Betty, and then myself and Frank. Of course, a lot of people did that in that day, you know, especially where the par? ents were older. His parents were old and they couldn't manage by themselves, so nat? urally you'd have to live in with them. He'd stayed home taking care of them when the rest of the family had gone. So when he wanted to get married, it was only nat? ural that he'd bring his bride home with him. In a lot of cases it was like that. Frank: And not much money. They (Frank's parents) were getting $12.20 each! (Old THE TREASURE COVE GIFTS AND HANDCRAFTS High quality gifts and crafts from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and abroad 1-902-564-8158 Children's books and toys - pre-school to 12 years 1-902-539-3035 Open Mon.-Sat. 9-6, Thurs.-Fri. until 9 74Townsend St., Sydney, N. S. BIP5C8 CAPE BRETON'S OWN ?En9U0tlg>tulE 3Ft0l{ • ? Cape Breton's Original English Recipe! HOME STYLE PROCESS (12 years In operation) 539-8188 562-6745 849-5150 76 Townsend St., "The Oasis," Senator's Corner, Sydney Sydney Shopping Centre Glace Bay The Fish and Chips Specialists ' j'Mvue're MacLeod-Lorway Insurance The One 215 Charlotte St. P.O. Box 1354 Sydney, N.S. B1P6K3 CALL US NOW and discover why more Cape Breton residents are insured through MacLeod-Lorway than any other independent agency. We represent more than half of Canada's leading insurance companies. Call or visit one of our 12 licensed agents for pre-purchase counselling. MacLeod-Lorway offers personal and commercial lines including home owners and tenants paclcages and mobile home, travel, auto, builder's risl(, commercial fire, crime, commercial liability, marine, bonding, business interruption and boiler and machinery. 24 hour phone - call collect 539-6666
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